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  1. File Name: C-130 and F-18 bugs File Submitter: Mustanghino File Submitted: 5 Jul 2005 File Category: LOMAC Object Mods Play this mission (only AI!!!) in the next game you'll can see C-130 and F-18 like static objects!!!! I think the bug is in the *.skins files in Lock On\Bazar\World\Shapes bye Click here to download this file
  2. Typhoon vs 2 Eagles...

    and the Indian Air Force.... ???? I read that in a trip in India a squadron of F-15C/D met a squadron of Su-30SMK (maybe SMK II) to make simulated dogfights. well can you ask at the USAF pilots the result of the match? For me the quality hit-parade is: 1) Israel AF 2) USAF 3) RAF 4) Armeè dell'Air 5) USNAVY/MC 6) India (please without MiG-21 and olds plane) 7) Turkey 8) Saudi Arabia 9) Germany 10) Taiwan 11) Korea 12) Italy 13) Japan (Ok F-15 but where are the fighter-bombers???????)
  3. I'm doing a mod for LOMAC vs 1.01/1.02 I'm start with little things now it's only for SU-33: R-27EA not avaible R-27EM avaible only on pylons n°5,6,7,8 R-77 avaible on pylons n°3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Fuel tanks 3000l (from Su-24) on pylon n°7 ----> It's OK! the fuel level in the tank isn't avaible on the cockpit: when the fuel tank isn't empty, the fuel level doesn't move!!!!!!!!!! 29 combination of weapons (14 A2A and 15 A2G ) Now I'm working for a Fly-avaible new Su-27SMK with cockpit of the SU-33 and the SKIN of the Su-27, with many improvement (R-77 and A2G mode) The next steps are: flyable Su-37 Terminator, (not naval Su-33, but with the Su-30 weapons)! F-4F ICE for Germany Tornado ECR for Germany Mig-29G with NATO weapons Cargo Ship for USA and Turkey I wanna make other projects, but I think I don't have the know-how 1) A A2A Missile anti AWACS for Su-27/33/37 (the idea is to make a version of the Kh-31A and give it the good-AI) 2) New Country like Italy, Iraq, Iran, Siria, Poland, Czech.Rep. with new skins
  4. C-130 and F-18 bugs



    Play this mission (only AI!!!) in the next game you'll can see C-130 and F-18 like static objects!!!! I think the bug is in the *.skins files in Lock On\Bazar\World\Shapes bye
  5. Pugachev cobra

    thanks so..... it's all automatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pull the cloche and use "K" ..... I'll test
  6. I'm searching pdf, video, track files about the famous "Pugachev cobra"...... Is there an expert player of LO-MAC, who can he help me??? How can I do the cobra???? What's the meaning of the key "k"?????? When must I use it? How long is the effect of the "k" ??? thanks..............
  7. Vers 1.02 and C-130

    ty very much..... i looked into download area..... uahoooooo there are many skins for Su-33 that they are fantastic... (great the desert skin like the Su-37 Terminator) for C-130 problem... i 'll not use like a static object (I've the UK-vers of lock-on )
  8. Hi, i'm a new member of the forum and i'm from italy... can you excuse me for my bad english?,,,, i have a LO-MAC version UK with the 1.02 patch and 3 questions The C-130 (static object!!) are glass like in the ver 1.01!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is there a mod or pach or skin for this problem?? in ver 1.02 there isn't the R-27EA....... and for me it's a bad thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! without the active-alamo also a F-5 win with me!!!! is there a lock-on great-cheff that he can builds a mod for 1.02patch where only for Su-27/30/33 ...... 1) we can have R-27EA ???? 2) we can have the R-27T/ET for pylons 3-4-9-10 (infrared Alamo is avaible only ifor pylons number 3 & 10)???? I don't like the 1.02-cockpit for Su-27/33!!!!!! I don't like the "delta-speed indicator" is there a mod where I can use a cockpits without delta-speed???? merry Xmas for all

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