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  1. New FE seasoned tiles released!

    Hello, all: I´d really like this mod to work with my system but for some reason it´s not. I did a clean installation plus the expansion and the latest patches, then followed Jan Tuma´s instructions, but the terrain does not show up in the game. Also there is no Thirdwire or FirstEagles 2 folder into my documents profile, I tried doing it by hand and putting the mod there but it does not work either. My OS is windows 7 64 bit. I should also point out that I am no stranger to installing mods, in the past I have had this game heavily modded with custom aircraft and terrain (only for Verdun and Cambrai, since I haven´t tried the Volgensen terrain yet) by means of a program called JSGME, where you place all mods inside a folder called MODS in the games´root folder and if necessary recreate the games´folder structure inside each mod, and then the program installs the mod, in this way you don´t have to overwrite any original game files at all. This I have also tried, but for some reason it is not working either. Please help, I was really looking forward for this terrain mod but now it will not install and it´s really frustrating.
  2. Fantastic new terrains?

    Jan Tuma, can I ask you when can we expect your terrain add-on to be released? It would appear to almost done, and if I remember right this thread started last June or whereabouts and back then it was ready for release... No offence intended, it´s just I can barely stand the wait any longer .

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