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  1. Are you taking some version of Third Wire sims and making a WWII version?
  2. My FE wish

    For me to come back to FE the online problems must be fixed and the view to see planes must be much better. As of now they just kind of appear way to suddenly. Not only should the ground look good how the planes interact with the ground must be better. No more going underground please.
  3. Has

    It is 'Jumping, jittering and warping of enemy aircraft in dogfight and mission modes.' And yes it was dogfighting which is what I like best and usually only what I have time for. The OFF team were clear in that they did not advertise OFF 3 as an online game and even offered to refund my money. I declined only because they did such nice work and I want to support such developers. First Eagles was good with dog fighting but had some major coop online mission issues. Regardless, FE died as an online game. I am looking to RoF but it to has online issues so for me it may die too. I must say OFF team did a bang up job on atmosphere. Wish it was in RoF.
  4. This view thing is something I think is a fault in FE, but TK thinks it is better. RoF does this much better. FE does do many things very well and the community made modes is a huge thing TK's games offer.
  5. Has

    I installed OFF3 and did mulitplayer. I did not like it, behaved just like CFS3 in that regard. Has there been any improvement? I can forgive all else.
  6. I installed OFF3 and did mulitplayer. I did not like it, behaved just like CFS3 in that regard. Has there been any improvement? I can forgive all else.
  7. Fantastic new terrains?

    it is down aways but here it is: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...ver_closer.html
  8. J Tuna posted this over at SIMHQ EAW 'new terrain for Sudetenland 1938 campaign for First eagles, with A-Team's Heinkel He-51A1 with my skin:' along with a pick. What I was was supper. Would like to see more of these new terrains if any care to share. It has been 8 months or more since I messed with FE. Dropped it because of no significant online community. Trying out OFF3 and like it very much so far but when I saw that bit of new terrain I thought that might compete well with OFF3.
  9. Ah, good to hear! I will wait on WOI until some one makes a few WWII planes for it WITH the new fm that FE/WOI has. Am I right in thinking that just importing an old WW2 plane modeled on the Strike Fighters or whatever will not have the proper stall/spin or does the new capabilities of WOI just handle that just fine? A minor thing - most sims do not model 'prop wash' correctly, they all act like the thrust and air flow is coming from the tail - like a jet. Result is that if you go into a steep climb, cut the engine and wait for the near stall that then max the engine you do not get the 'whip' affect of the air flow created by the prop - so you don't get that nice quick turn some fighter pilots did in WW2.
  10. I am puzzeled a bit. Does the new WOI have the proper stall/spin that the FE with the expansion pack have? And if so that leads to the next question, can a prop plane be created and used in WOI?
  11. Bought FE EP finally

    Peter01, it is good to hear from you on what is going on with all the work needed for doing fm for the new EP. I have the impression you are the only one doing fm for the EP standard. A few questions: Are you changing the FM for the planes that TK has made or just for the planes that modders have made? Do you feel like doing an online game against each other? Uriah
  12. Gepard, sorry I have not replied for a while. I would very much like to have your FW 190. I assume that you have updated it with the new flight model capabilities the FE allows. Regardless, it would be fun to try. Uriah
  13. Delta, you might try getting joysticks from EBAY. I got a MS sidewinder forcefeedback pro for just a few dollars. so this might be a cheap way to go.
  14. Lots of the WW2 modes for SF is very 'old' and I did not care for the fact that the planes would hardly go into a proper stall/spin. Well, TK fixed all that with the FE expansion pack. With all the other updates it might be nice to have a spit1a and a 109e modeled just for fun. I did find that I could get all the WW2 options (like raise and lower landing gear) to work in FE by modifying various files.
  15. KGB and all, you might want to try European Air War. Great updates have been made and the small coders group has the s code and will in a month or two present an update. However, it will not touch the update that the VBDG did for BOB. EAW has little management of engine and props and such. If ever BOBII should get multiplayer... The main site for EAW is over at SimHQ.

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