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  1. They are cool! Can you share with us how you do that? Are you editing the SAM's INI to make it a SSM? But more importantly, I need to know if that sub moves because if it does then we can design some really cool mission. By the way is random appearance supported in TW games? That will add more search effort to the game.
  2. Hi folks, I downloaded some cloudscape mod around two years ago. That one even gets the sun glare right. And it doesn't bleed the frame rate at all. Don't recall the author but it is not up on the download section anymore. I have FE 1 also and all the Wo* as well as SFP1. Upon comparison, WoI has puffy clouds by default. After reading this thread, I also tried out FE 1 just a couple of hours ago. PadFoot is right, the clouds looks vibrant. A bit like CFS2. Unlike Wo* and SFp1, puffy clouds are distributed at different altitudes. Shrikehawk, can you share with us your environmentsystem.ini tweak? Thanks!
  3. Be prepared...a long post this one is

    WWI aircraft must be very light weight. I mean its speed is around 70kmph means it's really like flying kites!
  4. Just put together a new system, Q6600, 2X2GB RAM and a Sapphire 4870 video board. So dig out the FE disc from my disc library and put it back to the hard drive. Updated the original version with WWI_patch_021907, FE_Apr2008_Update, FE_Update_Oct2008b and FE_Update_Nov2008 patches. It is quite impressive in terms of FPS measurement. I've got 53 to 59 FPS most of the time inside the pit as well as external views. As these numbers exceed my original expectation I am very much excited considering graphics are set to high as below [GraphicsOptions] DisplayDeviceID=0 DisplayWidth=1024 DisplayHeight=768 DisplayDepth=32 AspectRatio=1.333333 LensFlare=0 DetailLevel=4 ObjectDetail=2 ObjectTexture=2 CockpitTexture=2 CockpitMirrors=0 CockpitReflection=0 EffectsDetail=2 TerrainDetail=2 TerrainTexture=2 HorizonDistance=3 GroundObjectDensity=2 WaterDetail=2 CloudsDetail=0 Shadow=0 AntiAliasing=0 All the actions are smooth like silk. But I have a few questions and hope some one would shed some lights on them for me. Never played any WWI games before not even the famous Red Baron which I have came across the title from time to time. As such my knowledge about WWI aircraft is extremely inadequate. Which aircraft is the best in the Great War? Also is stalling rendered in FE1 or not? In IL-2, you can easily run into that worst situation... Last but not least, I am really interested in knowing how old you folks are? I would be impressed if some of you are veteran WWI pilots:rofl: Would someone also help me to configure my Saitek Cyborg X hatswitch? They don't map to the various views of the control file??
  5. Talkin about the terrain, LOMAC has excellent hilly terrain, because they are less blocky than that of TW games. But for plain terrain, IL-2 series are the very best amongst all!
  6. Dave, correct me if I am wrong. Is that the WeaponData.dat file? This is what I did: 1)Install a clean copy of WoE. 2)Patch it up with Sep 2008 patch (no need for patches prior to Sep 2008). By now, you have a up to date version of WoE which is compatible with WoI since the game engines are the same. 3)Install Bunyap's weapon pack. 4)Download this weapon editor from Third Wire Weapon Data Editor v02.20.08 (199 KB) located on this page http://www.thirdwire.com/downloads_tools.htm. 5)Now go to the C:\Program Files\Thirdwire\Wings over Europe\Objects\Weapons and delete the file weapondata.dat 6)Copy the weapon editor obtained in 4) into C:\Program Files\Thirdwire\Wings over Europe\Objects\Weapons 7)Run the Weapon editor and open up one of the weapons whichever it is, click OK and then close the Weapon editor Now you should have all the weapons applicable to your selected aircraft. Good hunting!
  7. Pressing F8 gives you a target view but you can slew around. Is there a way to edit the INI file to make it rotate-able?
  8. So far I have WoE/WoV (Combined Installed) and patched to Sep 08 patch. Found most of the aircrafts there except F-104. But I thought why do I need the F-104 from SFP1? I can dwonload a F-104 to save all the hassle of packing and unpacking .CAT files. So I see very little point of a merged install considering so much work need to me done.
  9. Thanks MigBuster, it works admirably!
  10. I don't like WOI very much not as much as I do to the other 3 titles actually. Main reason being the lack of weapons. Bunyap's weapon pack is by far the greatest but unfortunately it cannot be applied to WOI. The September patch for WOV/WOE took away 10 fps after it was applied, so I am giving it up. SFP1 remains the most efficient so far. I think this tool is useful for a merge of aircrafts available from WOV/WOE/WOI.
  11. The weapon pack for WOI contains less weapons than that available for SFP1/WOV/WOE. Can I merge the two weapon packs together?
  12. Excuse me, which file you are talking about?
  13. It's an interesting video. The reason behind my asking is mainly because I found the Nuclear sound file from this download: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=7171 BUt it never worked for me!!
  14. Well I can settle for that. But what about the number of aircrafts. Say if I choose A-4, and mission type is sweep, the mission generator will give me at least 12 MiG-17 or MiG-19.
  15. I find the Single Mission of TW games quite amazing. Say you selected A-4, then the mission generator gave you MiG-17. If you chose F-15A, then it gave you MiG-23. It's like there is some intelligence in there. Which INI file is responsible for this randomness?

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