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  1. The labels "not efficient" or "not well optimized" are easy to put on any game when it does not do what you want. But consider that any game engine can be brought to a crawl, by just adding one single resource sucking object to it, with unmanageable poly count. Particularly when multiple instances of that object are in view. PS. I assume the laptop has an SSD. Because these 2,5" mechanical drives, with spin-down power saving, are another story.
  2. Now you are throwing in loading hickups or something, or are you describing an effect of hitting texture/GPU memory limits? I don't know. But downsizing textures is easy. My previous reply was purely about framerate issues caused by poly-count.
  3. You are saying FPS issues with mods - Probably because of too high poly count in the scene, in other words, too much detail to be drawn at once. Look at the mods you use, look at the .Lod files of the objects. Then ask yourself: 1) How big is the main lod file? IIRC stock ones are around 1 to 2MB, giving a rough indication of the poly count there. 2) Does the object come with low poly distance lods to use at a distance? Scenes with parked planes are the most heavy to render, so optionally decrease parking spots for airfields and carriers.
  4. Free military history ebooks at Osprey

    Yesterday their server was a bit overloaded. Maybe try again when things cool down? Otherwise PM me, and I will help you out.
  5. Razbam and YAP models

    I just mentioned Turbosquid File404 because it is a convenient way to actually see some aircraft models that are in YAP products. Sure though; It is a lot of work either way: Both the modelling, texture mapping, skinning - then later configuring pivot points, aerodynamic wizardry, hardpoints, damage nodes, damage textures, distance lods etc. I can spare multiple $44 no problem. But stick to ground objects as nice bite-size hobby projects.
  6. Free military history ebooks at Osprey

    Week 2 is there already: https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/Free_eBooks_week_2/ - AVG 6: Hawker Hurricane Mk I–V by Martyn Chorlton - CAM 276: Waterloo 1815 (1) by John Franklin - MAA 447: The Czech Legion 1914–20 by David Bullock - NVG 214: US Heavy Cruisers 1943–75 by Mark Stile - WAR 7: Samurai 1550–1600 by Anthony J Bryant
  7. Razbam and YAP models

    File404 at Turbosquid: It is priced well below similar offerings there. Also I think a lot of hours went into each model. Maybe one can contact bobrock by PM here and purchase directly, to avoid Turbosquid royalties? Edit: Turbosquid has some sale periods as well.
  8. Razbam and YAP models

    My take on YAP products - Out of the box can be pretty frustrating. Tried some Rising Sun missions. Then got mission accomplished when I was just taking off. Wondered what to do, could only find two enemy tanks on an island which I destroyed. Guess that stopped the invasion? - Hinchinbrooke's ship models - They are pretty good. Some USN stuff is top notch, especially the Carriers and Battleships/Cruisers, some Destroyers. Sometimes though corners were cut on some vessels, or stand-in models were used. With all the little crew figures and no distance lods these carrier models are not framerate friendly. Also the deck crew is a problem for conversion to a general usage SF2NA carrier. - Aircraft models in later releases are from Giuseppe Valfre (Which I understand to also go by the name of Bobrock here, and File404 at turbosquid). These are excellent. SF2 suitable poly count and details. Skins are good too. SFP1 A-team also works with his payware models. Look File404 up in turbosquid to see his work, his prices there are very reasonable.
  9. The Corona Virus Thread

    Good efforts there, promoting their martial law / police state protocols. Getting better with the day. Unfortunately it is still unconvincing, so i'll go outside now to catch some more spring sun.
  10. The Corona Virus Thread

    Yeah obviously the virus has a preference for celebrities.
  11. The Corona Virus Thread

    https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid "As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK. ... They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall)" Now open the local bar again , I am bored.
  12. At Osprey Publishing they will now do a special every week, for 4 weeks in a row. In those weeks you get five of their ebooks for free. In pdf or epub format or both. The selection for this week is as follows: - CBT 8: US Marine vs Japanese Infantryman by Gordon L. Rottman - DUE 65: Bf 109E/F vs Yak-1/7 by Dmitriy Khazanov, Aleksander Medved - ELI 110: Sassanian Elite Cavalry AD 224–642 by Kaveh Farrokh - RAID 37: Blackbeard’s Last Fight by Angus Konstam - WPN 26: The Martini-Henry Rifle by Stephen Manning Link: https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/Free_eBooks_week_1/
  13. The Corona Virus Thread

    Make the politicians proud: Imprison yourself this time. (sarcasm)
  14. The Corona Virus Thread

    Here is spooky map: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html Denmark: "the responsible Government Virus Institute cannot recognize the numbers, and they do not know who gives Hopkins the figures [for their map]." Afrika: Generally the clinics there do not have the means to determine anything like this at all. For example: I have been told personally by a doctor for tropical diseases, in the top hospital of my country, that they do not know a single trustable clinic in Nigeria. Not one. When it gets beyond the obvious they will say it is Malaria to be done with it.
  15. The Corona Virus Thread

    Sorry to hear about the fragile health of some of your family members. Of course it is all understandable from that point of view. Did you actually know these people, or did you read about it? Here is nothing to see. Just fear and lack of things to do. Several relatives having a cold and being fine some days later. Then in some weeks I expect loads of economic damages + bailouts together with more tightened laws...

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