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  1. Waybackmachine can't retrieve all, but yes $29.99 it was in 2017. Wings over Vietnam used to be $14.99 (50% off!) years ago. Some DLCs used to be cheaper then others ones, at $2,99. Now the DLCs are all the same price. I bought another four DLCs this month anyways. https://web.archive.org/web/20170723220239/https://store.thirdwire.com/store_w7_all.htm
  2. Thanks, Well no problem on the ETA of new aircraft, I am sure the existing ones will offer plenty of challenges already. Achievements unlocked so far: 1) Ka-50 manual startup completed. 2) A-10A Maverick fired. 3) Emptied all rounds in an M1A2 Abrams tank. Two other differences between DCS and Strike Fighters I forgot to mention: DCS has proper helicopters and a summer sale. Strike Fighters only has hacky support for helicopters and the games+DLCs just got more expensive.
  3. This month I finally gave in and started messing around with flaming Cliffs 2 and then also DCS World. It seems like the opposite of Strike Fighters. Pro's: Modern Jets, Great packaging and documentation, Detailed systems. Cons: Not very Moddable /DRM / Limited flyables and planeset. What they share is the merging of all content in one game. My desktop computer is very lightweight and it seems best to stick to an older version of DCS world like 1.2.3. Which runs OK. So I was hoping for this summer sale to come up and immediately bought FC3, Ka-50, CA, P-51D yesterday. Besides A-10C these are already all supported modules in 1.2.3. Happy to say all these modules work very well. :) (In case someone got a backup of DCS 1.2.4 or 1.2.5 + Matching module installers, I would be interested in a copy)
  4. Su-33 SKINS and INIs

    This is some impressive texture work. Well fitting camo patterns, plenty of detail and well chosen colors. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks for making this! The instructions are clear on how to make an specific nation for airliners, what I wonder about though; what is the reason (what are the benefits) of doing it this way. Because I really like all the possible varieties of these 707-300 skins, but wonder how to force the game to use as much variety as possible when generating missions. Either for parked planes or just random flights. Also the formations ini says something about 5 planes, but should they not fly solo? I guess I am not at all familiar with the formations ini...
  6. This skin looks very nice. The panel lines are subtle and they do look realistic that way. Much detail there at the exhausts with the brakes. Hope you consider to add a distance lod as well.
  7. TFDtool v1.01 is now available. Based on the constructive comments from Menrva and Krfrge it got these improvements: - New planning map airfield icons (and a slightly different icon inside the TFDtool view). Also changed color settings, so targets which are not 'ENEMY' will show in blue instead of red. - More planning map options. Comes with a dialog inside TFDtool (the settings there are not saved back to the ini.). - Hopefully fixed a bug where the keyboard input would no longer be read, and only the mouse would work. - Mouse scrollwheel zoom in / zoom out can now access all magnification levels, like keyboard zoom.
  8. This is the topic that I maintained about the Classic IcelandNA Terrain. The download location is mentioned right at the top there. I host my own website with a humble Strike Fighters Downloads section. That may have confused you.
  9. Nice Review! Early 2012 was an exciting time for fans of the series. I actually have to play around with the SF2NA campaign and such, since I was always too busy modding it instead. The Naval War features are really interesting and added welcome new gameplay to the game. PS. Stary's tileset you linked to requires and older version of my IcelandNA terrain mod. I don't think that version is available for download anywhere. The latest IcelandNA Classic terrain introduced brown rock transition tiles. A full tileset is included with the Terrain mod anyways, but it has a lower resolution compared to Stary's.
  10. Yes, that is a nice idea. Please send me these airfield icons and I will try to get that working. The only difficulty is that I do have a bitmap rotation procedure in TFDtool, as to rotate the stock airport map overlays, but it gives a rather pixelated result. Instead of making some tricky weighed rotation, I want to paste these icons on a higher resolution internal planningmap (4096x4096) and then downscale that one weighed. That is actually how it works since this week already, so it should be a straightforward task.
  11. You catched another bug there, thanks for pointing that out. I wont bore you with what caused it, but it is fixed in the new v1.00 of TFDtool. I made the planning map generation a little faster, and updated the manual a little.
  12. TFDtool v0.99 was uploaded a minute ago. The errors you described are fixed now. Actually that was the only half the work. I had to improve the downscaling, since the planning map of the Bering Strait map had a bad moire pattern. There is a weighed downscaling of all planning maps now. See image. PS: Any future change of TFDtool will flip the version to 1.00. Which seems like it means something, but it is just a coincidence.
  13. OK thanks for explaining. I can now see the bug with the emboss 4x function. It is indeed not smart enough to handle more exotic tilemap/heightmap ratios. I will try to improve the procedure in the coming week.
  14. This is supposed to work, and tested to work with one example. But it may very well be in need of improvement. Manual: "...supports a few different tilemap to heightmap ratios: 1:1, 1:2, 1:4 (=stock) and 1:8. The ratio is automatically detected. Note that TFDtool has not been tested with all combinations." If targets are shown in the wrong place of because of a tile scale other then 2000m, then the "Tile_Scale=2000" parameter can be added to tfdtool.cfg, and set to the matching value. Is it possible to send me your terrain project? that is the fastest way to troubleshoot this.
  15. May 2012 is the last non-cheating version. Edit: I use the above version, but I did replace MissionEditor.dll with the one from july 2012: "Mission Editor not saving out fleets with two or more carriers is fixed." The cheating I am talking about is IIRC increased damage from player missiles versus the damage of computer launched missiles

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