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  1. Hi, am new to Il2 modding and wanted to start with somthing simple. I am trying to convert a SpitVa to a PRXIII. It's just a matter of deleting some of the armament and substituting the LFVb FM. Have got the file open but I can't get it to edit with Javabite, all I get are a series of pull-down menus, in which the text won't edit. Are there any tutorials about this anywhere I can't get any on search engines. Any tips from you chaps? Cheers Alban,
  2. Hi, I am new to Il2 modding. I like the Sim it has a great feel to it. I would like to try to do some modding. Something simple to start like adding weapons or changing the planes performance stats. Have the SFS extrator but cant make this work. Any help out there? Also if i want to go further modding messhes etc which prog would be suitable?

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