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  1. Microsoft Set To Purcahse CombatACE

    Still 1.5 hours left of Apr 1
  2. Trump on F-35/F-18

    i dont know what we did to deserve it, but we're screwed
  3. Geez I don't know $59.99 American is a lot of rubles.
  4. Who's going to be the new President?

    Hehe, JFK was much less qualified for the job than his successor. Now, this is the kind of talk you're gonna get from a Texan, but let me highlight a couple-a differences. JFK: Better military record, first term senator, family history rich in money and influence in New England, USA LBJ: Piss poor 'military record', 3 decades of government service as Congressman and Senate Majority Leader, dirt poor family (was named after a lawyer friend his dad owed money to, political genius and fearsome opponent Now there's this myth that LBJ is evil for getting us into Vietnam, and JFK is all that is politically sacred because he stood up to the military and would have kept us out of 'Nam. This is incorrect -- the Battle of Ap Bac in Jan. 1963 was a military disaster that convinced Kennedy to expand the US presence in Nam. And it's important to remember that JFK assassinated Ngo Dinh Diem exactly 20 days before being assassinated as well. Now LBJ was in a tough spot with Vietnam -- he had this war brewing up, but he wanted to focus on social issues like Civil Rights, Voter Rights, Equal Housing, and immigration. LBJ had STRONG connections to every important member of Congress and intimidated everybody who didn't cooperate. He was well over 6 feet tall and he would corner his political opponents, yell at them, and whip out his pecker in the middle of the White House to show dominance over them. So why Vietnam? Two reasons: 1) The Democrats appeared soft on Communism after losing China to the Reds in 1949, and 2) LBJ knew he would lose political support in the Southern USA by passing Civil Rights. To avoid losing his gains before the new laws took effect, he took a hawkish approach to Vietnam, yet he wanted to avoid a widespread American war. His goal was to be just hawkish enough to keep political support through the 1964 election. But why avoid war with North Vietnam? Because Korea ended in a stalemate under Eisenhower and because the USSR could threaten Central Europe if the US began an open war with Communism. What was LBJ banking on? - The USSR and Red China were nearly at war with each other. - US aid and training would prepare the South to defend itself from insurgency. - He could bargain with Hanoi by escalating bombing and promising infrastructural aid in the North if they bent to his wish. This general tactic had worked expertly against Republicans in US politics, but wasn't effective against Communists. Internationally, LBJ continued JFK's policies, but domestically he was a much, much more effective leader than JFK.
  5. Flight Sims, Circa 1990

    True about the manuals. I think the guard changed when they stopped printing manuals.
  6. Who's going to be the new President?

    Common sense says Clinton. 4-8 more years of the status quo. Watch the polls, learn their methodology, find what's within the margin of error, respect that scientific polls really are better in social science, find the most likely answer. One scientist had all 50 states right in 2012, and had 49/50 right in 2008. I shake my head when people advise their followers to ignore the polls. It's like ignoring your check stub on pay day.
  7. For the first time in my adult life...

    How is this a load? It seems the only criticism you're interested in is the kind that doesn't highlight your personal favorite. On the positive side, there is a potentially a nice profit to made in the betting markets if you really like putting your money down on slim odds. Somebody should have reminded the legislators of the later 1940s that ELECTIONS ARE TERM LIMITS. Hell, on the secret ballot concern, go to the Texas Hill Country, where the poll watchers make every attempt to help the mobs identify the Ds, Is, and Rs from each other by sending them into separate booths. (not aimed at you or anybody in particular, just thought it was funny we have this emoji)
  8. For the first time in my adult life...

    Already did the same. I need a shower now.
  9. Sad news for me.

    I'm very sorry to hear this. I'm thankful you have shared this deeply personal ailment with us. I'm with everyone who says get ready to fight! Please keep us up to date and know we are here to cheer you on as if you were family. It's important you push forward.
  10. Yankee Air Pirate moving on

    I moved on years ago... it didn't do anything good for me. When I mentioned some of the early problems with it the dev got mad at me and told me I never shouldn't even be simming. I've simmed since 1994.
  11. CombatACE Interview with Bitchin' Betty

    Very nice! I'm very pleased that you gave us all some insight into this elusive and fascinating subject.
  12. TK said he has no intention of returning to the PC market. He also said he has no intention of reimplementing multiplayer. I would like to see his swan song for the PC market, but I think this is best left to the players.
  13. I also wish SF2 had multiplayer. I never got to try SF1's mp.
  14. Can't hit shit? Welcome to realism. Bombing accuracy during the Vietnam War was horrible. For 5 months out of the year you couldn't hit a damn thing. During clearish days you may get a lot of near misses and maybe a hit, but during the monsoon season strikes were called off, except for some exceptions. Notable exceptions include: 1) Marine and Navy A-6s had a CEP of 50ft in all weather. 2) Air Force singles or pairs of F-105D/Fs, F-4Ds and F-111As could obtain a CEP between 250-600ft at night and under the clouds 3) Radar bombing on command of ground stations could facilitate bombing during the cloudy monsoon season but included a CEP between 500-3,500 ft 4) Aussie Canberras could level bomb very accurately from below the clouds because they had a bombsite installed, which Americans cut for costs when producing the B-57 CEP - Circular Error of Probability: the area in which 50% of the bombs land in relation to the target False confidence in the true abilities of American Air Power is a sizable component in why Rolling Thunder failed to coerce N Vietnam to a peace deal.
  15. Cryptowall Ransomeware

    Sorry you got hit with that. Did you download it? Deep web?

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