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  1. Thanks for posting Fates. Monroe has been a very close friend for the last ten years joining us on comms every evening, and giving us wonderful stories of real life adventures during WWII and the years that followed. He always spoke about the time he had an aileron blown off of his P-47 due to flak, and kept doing rolls just to make sure he could until he saw the friendly base.. He said it rolled almost as good as if he had both ailerons. He will be sorely missed and glad he didn't suffer a long illness. From the WWII, the Jane's days, IL2, and 1946, he had a great time here and did everything he could to make sure everyone around him had a good time . Our warmest regards =353=JUANT2 (J2) C/O 353rd Virtual Fighter Group
  2. A Tribute to MonroeQ

    <S> MONROE sir, I have loved being able to call you my friend and wing over the last decade. Thank you for your years of service and and wisdom. Doghouse, thank you for you hard work and this tribute to Monroe! <S> J2

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