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  1. Thanks for your responses. I should have said that I'm on XP SP3. Everything was ok but i was having a few issues with the joystick setup. I had patched over a modded install but most of the mods disappeared so I thought I'd 'do it properly' and patch over a clean install. I'm clutching at straws now, however after I re-installed the game I didn't run it prior to patching. I'm wondering if running the game prior to patching creates some default system files that need to be present? The issue is occuring every 2-3 times I play so I've nothing to loose by trying another re-install. I have re-installed WOE and patched in the same way but haven't tested it yet. I'm now loathe to re-install and patch WOI in case the same thing happens. I'll give this a go and post my results in case it helps anyone else; at the very least it may save time for someone else with the same issue. Cheers, Rik.
  2. Hi, I've recently re-installed SFG and upgraded to the latest patch. I have no mods installed however when playing the 1972 campaign I am getting a CTD that relates to groundformation.dll. I've done a search however any references to this error, and there aren't many, relate to modded installs. Can anyone shed any light on this issue? Thanks, Rik.
  3. Thank You MK2

    Thanks for everything. Good hunting.
  4. Basher, I'm sure the more knowledgeable folks in the forum will correct me on this point but isn't it SOP for attack aircraft to jettison external ordnance (drop tanks, air-to-ground munitions) when engaged by air-to-air threats? Isn't the idea to fight another day? Just my tuppence worth. Rik.

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