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  1. EAW devellopment needs help

    The resources of the forums are at your disposal. In keeping in line with Stratos' thinking you can either start separate topics or request sub forums be created. The prior is in my opinion the best way and if needed those topics can be pinned in the EAW forum, Stratos can do that but I will need to set up the sub topics if that's the ultimate way of thinking.
  2. If you reply to an email notification from CombatAce that someone has replied to a post or a PM, please do not reply to them by email. All those thousands of emails are routed back to an email address that is not monitored and the contents of that email inbox are flushed monthly. Replying by email will mean your response will never be delivered or inserted as content anywhere. It is possible this could be a future feature but it is not a feature now. Thank you for understanding. E
  3. We need to get someone in Denmark to head to the (Danmarks Tekniske Museet) Technical Museum of Denmark ... where this aircraft is supposed to be on display apparently as the first jet aircraft Denmark purchased. Who's going? Also see references: https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1298273 https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/model/Gloster Meteor F4 http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/000412356.html http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/000836666.html https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/72366 Inspiration and History: "Denmark bought 20 Meteor F.Mk.4 in May 1949 with deliveries commencing the same autumn, after a number of pilots and mechanics had been trained in England. The aircraft belonged to 3. Luftflotille of Marinens Flyvevæsen (the Third Air Flotilla of the Danish Navy’s Air Service). They were given the type numeral 43 and individually numbers running from 461 to 480. After the creation of the Royal Danish Air Force, which took place on October 1st 1950, the Third Air Flotilla was renamed Eskadrille 723 (Squadron 723) on January 8th 1951. On November 1st1952 Flyvevåbnets Jagerkursus (the RDAF’s fighter course) was established at Aalborg Air Base and at the same time took over the remaining 14 Meteor F.4, as six had crashed in the first years of service. The F.4 remained in service until 1956, when fatigue and rising maintenance costs rendered it obsolete. As a consequence all but two of the remaining airframes were dismantled and used for target practice, fire drills and other useful events. The 43-461, which is the subject of this review, has the distinction of being Denmark’s first operational jet fighter and is today preserved at the Technical Museum in Elsinore." That image is located here: https://modelingmadness.com/review/korean/gb/plesmet4.htm Appears to have the same aircraft number, insignia, and folding wings. The original image appears to trace back to: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alfblume/2284473292/in/album-72157638528692053/ Maybe we're closer to the mystery being solved? Wrench get's a gold star.
  4. Cave dwelling would go against history though it is a novel idea. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloster_Meteor Reference: Butler and Buttler 2006, pp. 28–29.
  5. As mentioned ... some F3s built in 1944 were modified for naval trials which included beefed up under bellies, tailhooks, and folding wings. The navy sea trials took place on the HMS Implacable which included takeoffs and landings. The Meteor pictured above is a real and very rare aircraft. I bet she's a prized museum piece with what looks like a great restoration filled with tremendous British history and pride no matter where she goes. BTW, I think this topic is still in the wrong place.
  6. UH-1H Huey. SF2. V1

    All files are moderated no matter who uploads them.
  7. UH-1H Huey. SF2. V1

    DUDE just drop it.
  8. UH-1H Huey. SF2. V1

    I edited out the crap. There's no reason not to be civil. Stuff is messed up all over the world lets try to keep some sanity in our modding home. Thanks guys. E
  9. Leave it to them Brits. They think of everything clever from the industrial revolution to the idiot's lantern.
  10. Patent the floating tank, make billions, then retire on your personal island. Challenge presented.
  11. You had a 30 day subscription. It automatically generated a renewal. You didn't pay that renewal so the first subscription finished and the second subscription went into limbo until you either paid it or cancelled it. You then signed up for a 2 day trial and paid that which then generated a renewal which you paid but we had not taken the money yet so you were allowed to cancel that and your invoice voided which cancelled the payment. Finally you decided to get a 30 day subscription and that is now in operation. Directly an invoice can remain pending until you decide what you want to do with it; cancel or pay it. Nothing for Mick's sake he needs to worry much about. Cheers!
  12. Let's see how this goes

    I can live with that. Welcome to the team. *alakazam*
  13. WINGS OVER THE REICH, known as 'WOTR' is now available.
  14. Can a passenger land a plane?

    In my opinion, autopilot is not difficult to fly at all. Altitude, heading, speed, and wings level are all set then initiate and the airplane will fly that input. Programming the FMC really isn't that hard and someone could easily walk a person through that and keep in mind the FMC is programmed prior to departure so it should still be up and running so it has all the critical data it needs and at that point the FMC needs very little to make changes, fly arrivals, change destinations, and so on. So if the airplane is airworthy and functioning as it should getting them to an ILS with glide slope shouldn't be that difficult. Getting the plane down then is really just setting the aircraft up to fly an arrival (speed, flaps, heading, and altitude) and letting the plane do most of the work including auto braking and auto reverse thrust (once armed or set). Now if they're asking a desk pilot to fly manually and expect a good outcome I think that is incredibly hard. The desk pilot is better off telling the cabin passengers to be excited that they'll be on the news tonight, then do the best they can with help to get it on the ground in any condition that most or all can walk away from. Most desk pilots I've run into have an impossible time flying a heading and keeping altitude manually let alone landing a commercial aircraft. Remember you don't pay pilots to be there when things are great you pay them the big money for when things go wrong, i.e. Sully landing in the Hudson.
  15. Senator John McCain dies at age 81

    It really is petty childish BS that is the position of the current administration. Senator McCain should have been afforded every consideration in his passing. Being from Arizona myself I wouldn't have even cared if they sent the bill to Arizonians. He was a man of integrity, honesty, strong character, down to earth, and humble. Qualities most in government don't care about. It's get elected and leave your morals at home. Very sad.

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