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  1. It's part of a thread that had some bickering and we hid the entire thread until we can decide how we want to proceed with the group. Sorry you'll have to create a new thread and as long as there's no bickering it will remain. Otherwise you know the routine. Best; E
  2. I Found What I Want For Christmas

    waffling doesn't quite capture the essence but it's close enough
  3. He's still around and I believe the best way to contact him is by email at admin@whenthunderrolled.com.
  4. Like Russouk2004 said his SF2 is pointing at the stock folder with the stock planes in it. He needs to change it so it points to the folder he created from his backup. At least that's how I decipher it.
  5. I like the trees ... reminds me of Pandora.
  6. Now that things are solved I have to say when I first saw this topic I had a whole different expectation of what I'd see when I opened it.
  7. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    I don't think that will work. A lot thought the same of Israel and Palestine but that hasn't worked out well at all.
  8. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    We'll never get the truth, only lies. He hears all kinds of things from people in his party, advisers, etc and he picks one he thinks will give him the best outcome to make himself look good. You can hear it in everything he says ... I did this ... I did that ... I'm the only one who can fix it (the shit he broke to begin with) .. I'm the chosen one. It's all about him not what's best for America, our troops, or heaven forbid the tax payers who pay the damned bill.
  9. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    ... here's the problem with it all. We're not leaving Syria. The small elite force isn't leaving, they aren't going to Iraq because they aren't welcome, so what are we doing? We're staying to protect the oil. We blew up our ordinances, left hardened bases standing, allowed the Turks to kill the Kurds, gave up our ground to the Russians and Turks all under the guise that we're coming home but we're staying. How does any of this make sense to anyone? Private bone spurs couldn't win at a game of "Battleship" against a 2 year old. Absolutely unbelievable.
  10. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    He's incapable of seeing allies and foes only people who can do or won't do something for him. No matter which camp those people fit into he'll use them like a tissue and throw them away when he's done. To his detriment he's single dimensional, transactional, and self aggrandizing. The US, it's citizens, and it's laws are beneath him. NATO member countries don't stand a chance. To him our ally's countries are below the dirt he walks on, non-white, anti-christian, shit holes, but he's sure some are very fine nations. (attempt at humor) For the record most of us are completely embarrassed by his behavior regardless of political alignment.
  11. The community doesn't want the bickering and phallus measuring, read their posts! I happen to agree. Stop bringing this crap to my table, it's insulting and very childish. You wouldn't allow this at your dinner table with your family sitting around so why should I allow it here? I enjoy you both and reading what you have to offer but if I have to make a decision between each of you, EAW with it's variations, or this community as a whole; that won't be a hard decision to make. I've hidden all the posts that don't relate to Jel's original post. I'll leave this in Stratus' capable hands and will await his final decision which I'll act on and support without question. Final warning gentlemen. Get it together. Thank you.
  12. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    It's all a huge charlie foxtrot.

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