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  1. Naw I'm not groaning I knew it had to be done and was on my list. It's now a higher priority.
  2. The device shouldn't matter. When using the search box make sure you select drop down menu and select "All Content" then enter your search phrase "TAC" and press enter or click the spyglass icon. You should get the same results as everyone else which would include the above referenced file and post. E
  3. Yes as soon as I'm done with the download permission sets I'll tackle the gallery permissions. Well there goes my week.
  4. The categories are all there. I'll review the permission sets for all the categories which will probably take me days considering the amount of them. Please standby.
  5. Most likely causes for no in-line notifications is there's an adblock app running, popups are disabled, or your browser security settings are not compatible or misconfigured.
  6. https://combatace.com/notifications/options/ Use this link to go to your notification options. Here you can decide what notifications you want (you may select multiple notification options, one only, or none). If you want onscreen push notifications make sure your browser notifications are turned on. Your account looks fine in the back end so I'm pretty sure it's in the settings above.
  7. Check now. I'll have a look.
  8. You're welcome. I typed "TAC" into the search box and hit return wasn't anything too demanding. :)
  9. Site Updates

    I recommend everyone visit their notification panel. Here you can decide which notifications you want to receive by email or by site notification. This will help reduce your daily emails and make participating more enjoyable. Notification Settings: https://combatace.com/notifications/options/
  10. Site Updates

    You'll also notice the entire site is now running SSL which is that green security lock on your URL bar.
  11. The new site re-indexed and re-counted everything accurately where the old site only counted posts in certain areas. Weird I know but your number now is accurate.