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  1. You ask for understanding but you give none. You assume you know me and label me by politics and therefore ignorant of your struggle, as you say a foregone conclusion. All while I have not branded you by the same. You want to break the laws of your country and be morally corrupt in the process that's your business but don't expect people to respond positively (understand) when you don't offer them the common courtesy of reaching out and asking permission. Karma makes for a bad bedfellow. The internet is not private. Every bit and byte of information you send and receive is recorded by your government and others. To think using a proxy, vpn, or tor exempts your traffic is not only foolish but naive. The Golden Shield Project (GFW) was designed specifically to watch the Chinese people who wish to revolt against the communist republic. Until you personally become a government and build your own backbone to the internet you will never have privacy. I wish you luck.
  2. Have you even read the modders agreement and what one of the OPs wrote? Intellectual theft happened when you took control of that file away from the owner by providing access to the file outside their ability to control it. Free means the file is free to use personally it does not give anyone license to do whatever they want with it. If you have such a problem with your government then change your government and don't justify theft with their repression. Your position is uneducated. You don't pay the bills or pay the taxes here at CA so you can't possibly have an opinion of any authority. You don't have to say something to mean something. Your position still remains indefensible and I can't respect or understand your position at all.
  3. Yes, I'm the stupid one for supporting the community all these years. Thank you for pointing that out BUT your position is uneducated about our community. Your position continues to be indefensible. You can continue to claim that China is only photo copying the internet but that's just intellectual theft by another name. That's just hateful and racist, a childish and weak argument.
  4. Your position is not defensible. It's like saying, I couldn't get your money fast enough so your money was moved so I could access it faster. I couldn't have children of my own fast enough so I took yours and moved them to my house because of the government. You can insult me all you want for defending the modders, it's worth the abuse as they are all good people. Why do you assume this site is free? It costs me real money every month, ignorance isn't an excuse. Please go ahead and think the Chinese answer is the right solution for everything, it's not.
  5. When you work on something and you're proud of it then someone steals it and copies it to some other location without permission it's called theft of intellectual property. Just because you can do it doesn't mean that you should do it. What is the penalty for theft in China? What is there to be understanding about? This is wrong, dishonest, and dishonorable. If Insky and others would simply reach out and ask permission it would be a different story. As the proud nation that China is you would think they would treat people the way they want to be treated. My opinion obviously but you can see why these modders feel slighted. If all traffic originating in China was blocked you'd have no access but it's okay to come into our business and steal whatever you like. Seems completely one sided to me.
  6. I doubt anyone will be able to stop online theft. I could make it more difficult for them by making all our downloads available to ONLY paid subscribed members.
  7. Internet thieves suck. Have you asked them to be removed? We've had many complaints about insky and it's a terrible day when I have to hear someone crashed their gear with malware they assume came from there. Unfortunately we have absolutely no control over that domain. I really don't even like the link above sending our traffic there. Be careful out there it's a world of deceit aimed at owning your life. E
  8. No worries. Glad I could help and things are working like they should (until I get a wild hair and decide to upgrade again which is probably going to be fairly soon).
  9. It all depends on who's around to review files and approve them which is why some may be fast and others slower. Just the way the site works in whole.
  10. Yaw VR Motion simulator

    If my track car pitched to that degree when accelerating and braking there wouldn't be a single guy in the pit crew not looking for a new job.
  11. Some sad news regarding a former modder

    Mike was always terrific and his interactions were professional and adult. No hard feelings or controversy here especially when the honor of the man here is way more important than any petty squabbles that may have happened long ago. :no-shade:
  12. not permitted

    Files highlighted in light red are no longer available for download. This could be because the file has problems, violates our upload policy, being reviewed, or is scheduled for deletion.
  13. not permitted

    The error means you're not logged in or trying to download a file as a guest. The most common cause for this is not accepting cookies from our site. It could also be a permissions issue but I can't even begin to look at that until I know the file you're trying to download.

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