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  1. I don't see how minimum of one controller, at least one tower supervisor, and a minimum of 4 phone patches through to NORAD all qualified with at least a minimum amount of the story (unauthorized departure 16C KSEA Q400 0236Z, pilot communicating, south departure, radar contact 5000AGL over Nisqually Reach) is going to happen in 5 seconds but I'll take your word for it, respectfully. On another note another aircraft reported the Q400 taking off 16C with left and right mains smoking, sounds like a parking brake left on. That's why pilots use checklists.
  2. Majestic built a pretty realistic Dash 8 Q400 for FSX and there's plenty of videos on YouTube on it's full operation. This guy had plenty of time in a sim there's no doubt. Yeah it makes absolutely no sense why they took the fighters out of McChord but the news reported the F15s departed Portland. I was just parroting their reporting. Still 25-30 minutes to be on scene sounds like an eternity to me.
  3. How long did it take for the F15s from Portland to arrive on scene? Once they were scrambled they had to jump into flight suits, get to the ready aircraft, start, taxi, and takeoff. The 143 miles between Portland and Tacoma the F15s could have flown in less than 10 minutes (assuming top speed full burn) but I'm still thinking they were at least 20 minutes out from the first ring of the phone, which by the way had to take at least 5 minutes itself to coordinate through all those agencies. So I'm thinking 25-30 minutes from the Q400 unauthorized takeoff to the F15s arriving on scene, locating, and identifying this aircraft. 25-30 minutes is a long time if you think about it. He could have flown to Canada in that much time. Thoughts, input?
  4. It was all over the local and national news here last night and websites had recordings of the audio communication with the controller. What a crazy event it's not every day you go to work, steal a $35,000,000.00 USD Dash 8, take off and do an aerobatic loop, then pile drive it into the side of a deserted island. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends during this sad time. A rogue A&P mechanic correction bag monkey, tow qualified, ramp agent gainfully employed with a valid right to be on the ramp and in the aircraft, hard to protect against that kind of loss.
  5. Nice. Looks like a GoPro on a 360 gimbal stabilizer with auto zoom and auto focus secured to the forward bulkhead. Great images and sound! That whine of the engine spool gets me every time. It's the crack of fan jet fans everywhere.
  6. That comment was so I didn't think it would get answered.
  7. TK must be making some changes, but only he knows. http://thirdwire.com/downloads.htm still works for me. The store does not.
  8. That's the face value part the real part is the government will examine the remains and make a determination if they are indeed American. Could be boxes of anything, North Korean's, or Chairman Un pulling a fast one. Never know.
  9. Swedish AF fights forest fire

    https://www.thelocal.se/20180725/watch-swedish-fighter-jets-drop-bombs-on-forest-fire Interesting ... use the ordinance to suck the oxygen away from the fire to extinguish it. Makes sense. A fire needs two things once burning; fuel and oxygen. It's sad to see our ecosystem so dramatically changed by the increase in global temperature aka global warming.
  10. I'd recommend contacting Thirdwire maybe they can help recover your purchase. If you knew how many people found that site and gave it a shot it'd scare you.
  11. If you didn't buy a copy from Thirdwire.com then who knows what you downloaded and installed on your machine.
  12. Please start a new topic for the discussion of re-working SF and a new topic for the list of fixes. Thank you.
  13. I would start negotiations with TK to see if he'd be willing to work on this type of project under contract or see how much specific fixes would cost and go from there. It's hard for developers to shelve projects and I'm sure it was equally so for TK.
  14. That Moment You Find Out Your Dog is Infantry...

    ... and I thought the occasional gopher was bad.

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