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  1. The OP has been here since forever and decides he wants to drop a skin here for a model that is available only at Capun's. That file doesn't get approved within his acceptable time and the shit starts flying and hasn't stopped. In support of his demand that the file be approved it was supported with what about-isims, and other examples of how we as a site singled him out, repressed him and his skin, with a feel sorry for me overtone. We decided behind the scenes that since this was additional DAT work that more future work might be coming that we wanted to divide out a category just for the DAT content. That was an unacceptable answer to Pete, post after post, new posts, PMs, and now this post it continues infinitum. Again here he's leaving but might be back and he wants you all to know how horrible his service and treatment have been here, let's all take a deep breath. The facts: The file was submitted at 12:35 AM in the very early hours of Saturday morning. The file was put on hold at 12:44 by one of the admins. About an 1 hour later at 01:37 AM a second admin approved the file by mistake and it remained live for an hour before the second admin puts the file back on hold when he reads why the first admin held it. Saturday afternoon the OP starts making accusations and posting around 5 PM. I see all of this at 6:30 PM and chime into that post that there's some activity going on behind the scenes, here's what I said. [quote] Thank you for checking in. We are aware of the file and are having a bit of discussion behind the scenes. We'll have something shortly. E [/quote] It's at this moment the OP has had enough waiting and nothing we do from this point forward will be good enough. Conversations continue to escalate and come in from multiple sources. Sunday by 3PM the file was available to download. File on hold total time: 38.25 hours. Because we didn't approve this file right away did the world stop, was someone's life threatened, or did anything happen besides the OP was through waiting because this file was on hold? As a side note we have always reserved the right to put files on hold or not approve them while we make a determination about any issues a file may have. This is not an uncommon occurrence for us, neither is making changes to our library while we manage it. Heck I've taken the site offline for longer periods of time. For a moment I'd like to talk about my Sunday. First there was dealing with a huge amount of content that demanded answers when I awoke. I have a wife screaming at me that we're going to be late for church and impatient children. I take every moment possible to weed through as much as I can and reply. I then shower, dress, and whisk the family off to church. I couldn't think about the Sermon yesterday because running through my mind was the last thing I read from Pete here how we've castigated him out and treated him so badly all while being discontent about the badges some have in their signatures here about being booted from Capun's site. Those badges are disrespectful and demean Ceasar's reputation and character which according the OP is of the highest and utmost quality. Church lets out and we normally go shopping, spend time together as a family which I greatly enjoy, then get some lunch before heading home. Yesterday I was dropped curbside to the house so I could go in a finish my discussions which there are now more of. All that aside a decision was made and I proceeded forward with the update and fix for what other admins wanted done. I moved the file and made it available to download by 3PM yesterday. The conversations continued late into the evening hours on Sunday. And the conversation has continued today with this post all while the admins are busy sorting files and trying to build a respectable reference album of all the work we have for DAT content. For the record I'm sick to my stomach over this. When I say this man got my goat; he took it fleece, feed bucket, and all. I'm horrified that I have to post something in the site's defense that even looks like an explanation. The OP should have been satisfied with my very first post and left it at that, the file then comes online when it comes online. I could maybe understand some of these expectations if the OP was paying us but he's not. For the record and from my point of view. All times are in server time not to be confused with local time. I can now honestly say I'm done with this conversation and demand on my time. The OP talks about respect for Capun and how's he's the most genuine person but do you think for a moment if anyone did even a speck of what the OP accomplished in the span of 24 hours that they'd still have an account there? We're the bad guys please remember that while the OP has the luxury to post and host files all at our expense. Why didn't he simply ask his good buddy Ceasar to host his file and that would have been that. Nope. I wish you all well. Erik
  2. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
  3. Anytime anyone brings DAT up the entire place has sympathy diarrhea and it goes to hell. We're putting all the DAT related content in its own section so it's easy to distinguish. People will know we don't have models for those skins so download at your own peril. This has been something that was addressed early on but the method to which it was addressed isn't working. This type of change to the library is not uncommon but we caught all kinds of static because we held a file from approval for 24 hours. We should be lined up facing a firing squad for such actions, in fact I'll go first to get away from this insanity. Regardless the file is now available in the new section just for DAT content. Yes we understand there are more problems than the one fixed today. Please remember we're just people, miracles take a higher calibre person. Additionally files will be moved to their new section as soon as they all are identified.
  4. How is one file and us wanting to help the community find and distinguish files easier turning into a war against CA with accusations of censor and unfairness? It's one file that will be approved pending modifications to the library for everyone's benefit. [sarcasm]Thank you for not jumping to the worst case scenario right off the bat. [/sarcasm]
  5. Thanks Russ, that's not the issue. This post is spread over multiple places it's a right Charlie Foxtrot. We'll post the file pending changes to the library.
  6. A finer blade hast never been wielded. Carry on.
  7. Nyghtfall, Please see the post above your reply.
  8. We have dispatched word to your bard to come hither to tell your tale of woe and intrigue. You shall hence forth and forth with joust only with the royal refinements available to you. Be merry and may your seat be sound.
  9. And this is the nut within the shell. We maintain our library and make changes often. It has been offered that all DAT Team related content go into a separate directory to avoid confusion and the need to know what designation is used to define what files are. This is an improvement to the library that has somehow been twisted into us slighting a person or mod. All this putting thoughts into our mouths that have not even entered our minds is getting overboard. We're working toward the benefit not the degradation of the library.
  10. Nyghtfall, Which is the straw that broke the camels back? Do you blame the final straw or all the others that came before it? Confusion is simple when it's no longer confusing. As I mentioned to Pete we have the responsibility to steward the library and as such we make changes all the time to help clarify where files are housed for simplicity. You'd think us silly for having one download category and 10,000 files in it so why do you think also silly that we'd possibly want to create a category for the DAT Team mods that would lend to more clarity? It's a damned if we do and damned if we don't. For the record not all files make the cut. You normally just don't hear about them but this one went public thinking we're slighting someone when we aren't.
  11. The point is we don't have a position on this, as we've tried to tell you now many times. Kevin would like to have a position and that's what we've been discussing or tried to between knives in the back. I'm pretty much done in on this one, Kevin will have to sort it out with you. Please don't ask us to understand or know Ceasar's issues. He holds grudges and was upset that his work came with both praise and criticism. He wanted the former but flew off the handle at the later. We don't care what happens over there at his site but I can guarantee that many have been banned needlessly for who knows what. More drama. I do however care what happens here and I trust Kevin will sort this out with you and involve me as needed.
  12. Always be cautious of someone who says they hate drama but brings it with the best of them. I'm floored.
  13. I was the one supporting your position Pete but screw it if you're just going to take a flame thrower to the entire conversation and end up in some pity party of despair. I'm down to help but dang the file isn't even available yet and the drama is on afterburner. Maybe there's more to this than meets the eye.
  14. Pete, You and your file have not committed a crime and we've treated both with respect, so I'm sorry to hear you think otherwise. We do not host Ceasar's content at his request as he pulled it. We've been dealing with this ever since. The same is true for the YAP content which has it's own drama behind it. The problem is with the way Ceasar has treated you and the entire community, so let's at least be clear about that. Wrench since the issue is support, can we not label the content as "non-supported, models hosted at cplengineering" (kind of like it is now) and let it live? Or have we weeded through the library and removed all of Ceasar's related content that now this file would be a standout among what's there? E

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