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  1. NORTON users

    There's been a lot of activity lately and disabling protection software is often goal one of malcontent. Really goes to show that you need to be on your A Game these days.
  2. I like to watch the catch and release on the floating cities like CVN-78 Gerald R. Ford.
  3. The Brits seem to have some real beauties. The Curtiss was a tragedy and Curtiss needed to find someone to offload them on. Can you imagine how deep the pitchman had to dig for that sale? LOL
  4. I had to reinvent the wheel but see if the recent changes give you what you want with the way files are displayed in the categories.
  5. Oh, that's a feature I had not configured yet. Fixed.
  6. Prayers for the families and victims

    Stupidest thing ever. Someone with an ax to grind (point to prove) and zero coping skills. Sad. The loss of life is incredibly tragic and my thoughts and prayers goes out to everyone who suffered at the hands of this idiot.
  7. Growler Ball 2017

    Night ops gives me the feels.
  8. You had a good run Hugh

    Hugh Hefner died at age 91 from natural causes in his Hollywood home. Your mark on our nation will forever live on as will your robe and pajamas.
  9. @Strider Hello! That was invoice #1 and during those times the site was new new some funky things happened as required tasks hadn't run yet. Regardless of all that I have corrected the problem and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. You were absolutely right but the system was saying something different. All my best, E
  10. Hey just so everyone knows I'm dealing with some personal stuff that has me on strong medication for pain. Please don't take anything I say personally as it's the drugs talking. @Gunrunner I get what you're after I'll dig on this and see if there's anything that can be done to restore the old functionality. Until then there are some work arounds for you to use. E
  11. I'm moving this to the site support thread in the General Forums. This could get quite lengthy and is off topic here.
  12. @Gunrunner The current category structure was designed by @Wrench and @MigBuster so I would have you table your ideas about that to them. Basically what you're asking is for us to undo everything that was done to create a library structure. I can't say I immediately agree with that conclusion. Our file list is so extensive at this point that the thought of implementing your requests in the backend scares me. You're talking about a month of work, no joke. All of the stuff you are saying existed in the old site is in the new site there's just more of it but located in different places. The fact that we don't show you files in sub-categories anymore was a design change because that list was never complete it was random at best. Sort order for example is and can be viewed exactly like you described it now. To further that you can start your own activity string which will do all that for you so click click and you've got a full detailed list. I think most of this isn't that the site doesn't work as it did it just works differently. I'd ask before you commit me to a month of labor to flatten a design that took months to get into place only to replace it with searchable tags that you all see if you can't figure out the new site. If you have direct questions I can answer them to help you. Thanks for the lengthy reply and I understand what you're asking. Erik
  13. I don't understand this question. There are now more places to view this information than the old site. Home Portal Top Slider: Forum Index Right Column: Download / Files Portal Top Slider: Download Files Categories New Content Indicator (Dark Icon): Forum Index File Announcements / Support Topics (Dark Icon and Bold Type for new content): On top of these quick five there are probably a few more places we've placed new file content lists. Like I said I guess I don't understand your question, or at least I'm taken at back by the assertion that the content doesn't exist leading to an exhaustive search. Thanks, Erik
  14. @KJakker can you screenshot that and show me exactly what you mean? If it's what I think you mean that's a function of your browser. We don't know what you've typed until you submit it.

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