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  1. The Corona Virus Thread

    Yesterday in the United States 4,112 people died from COVID19. This brings the death toll from COVID19 in the United States to 365,000 people making it the third largest death event in our history behind AIDS and the Spanish Flu. On 9/11/2001 when the World Trade Center buildings fell we lost 2,996 lives, so the United States is having a 9/11 +1000 more deaths per day on a daily basis. With all that's going on with recent events dominating the news cycle, it's important to remember those who were lost. Around the globe in every great nation this story is being told time and time again. Let's not forget any of our loved ones and take a moment to say a prayer for anyone who's lives have been changed forever by COVID19.
  2. The Corona Virus Thread

    Something to remember, SARS-COV-2 is the VIRUS and COVID-19 is the DISEASE. We spread and are infected with SARS-COV-2 which then develops into COVID-19 exactly like being infected with HIV which then develops into AIDS. Like all diseases we never know if we've cured them or simply pushed them into remission. Remission is the likely stage that people get to when they return to some type of health, similar to having AIDS or even cancer. That's why it is so important to not get infected with the VIRUS SARS-COV-2 in the first place. I wish our government had drilled this fact home for the non-maskers and led with truth and knowledge not the subversion, masking, and lies we got. I argue they are complicit in every single death from COVID-19 to date in the US and other nations. The long term affects after people have COVID-19 is known as Long Hauler Syndrome and it's causing all kinds of problems in the vascular system and within organs of the body. Blood clots, heart issues, lung issues, and kidney issues have all been reported so it's important to monitor your health after being ill and to take the time to recover even if that's months.
  3. Searching planes

    I don't see a Salamander anywhere in the download section and removals from the archive are rare. E
  4. What antivurus security suite are you running? Have you downloaded Firefox and installed that? https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/
  5. Original Report: Google Chrome Download Failing with Error, "Failed- Insufficient Permissions" I generally don't help with computer configuration issues because they are too vast to guess at without the machine being physically present, but I'll try The error message "Failed- Insufficient Permissions" when downloading is a permissions issue and happens on any site or any file. The cause is most likely due to an antivirus or security suite running on your machine which has changed folder permissions. Please follow along and report if you're unable to complete a step. OPEN GOOGLE CHROME Select the Top Right "3 Dot" Menu Button > Click Settings - Your Chrome Settings Page will open. -or- (Tap Alt Tap Spacebar to open Menu) In the Top SEARCH Field next to the eyeglass type "download". In the result below look toward the bottom of the page and Chrome will show "Location" followed by the folder. For our example we will use C:\Users\MyUser\Desktop\Downloads" make note of this location, you may edit that location by clicking edit now but make note of the new location when you're done. OPEN WINDOWS EXPLORER Windows Button + E In the TOP address bar, that shows your current location where Explorer opened, place your mouse in a blank area of address box and left click in it Now type the CHROME DOWNLOAD LOCATION that you made note of in Part 1:2 Above (C:\Users\MyUser\Desktop\Downloads) but leave off the last folder "Downloads". For our example we would type in the address bar C:\Users\MyUser\Desktop + Enter Scroll down the folders that appears until you find the final folder "Downloads" + Right Click and Select Properties (A Properties Window will pop up) IN PROPERTIES WINDOW > Select "Security" > Under Group or User Name left click your user to highlight + Edit for the Edit Screen. (In our Example we would use "MyUser" + Edit) IN SECURITY WINDOW > Select SYSTEM > Verify the SYSTEM is set to "Allow" in all actions and save if necessary or don't change if already set. IN SECURITY WINDOW > Select Your User > Verify the Your User is set to "Allow" in all actions and save if necessary or don't change if already set. (This is where I suspect your settings will differ) Finally check the Administrators permissions the same as you did above with Your User and System, change as necessary to allow. Save on Exit if you made changes to permissions or Cancel if you made no changes. ATTEMPT TO DOWNLOAD A FILE CLOSE OPEN WINDOWS + RESTART Open your browser and download something to verify the settings are correct. Report back when finished. If you decide to use another browser like Firefox or Microsoft Edge make sure their download location is set to the same location as your Chrome Location and you should be able to download in all your browser. If you decide to change your browser location repeat Step 2: OPEN WINDOWS EXPLORER over again for the new folder. Lastly I would check your security suite or antivirus there's probably a setting somewhere that is quarantining your download folder to prevent you from downloading unexpected malware on the internet. You can google how to disable that feature for your specific product and generally speaking it is in the "Internet Security" or "Browser Security" section of the software for what they call "safe internet browsing". Erik
  6. A Christmas to Remember

    Hello and Happy Happy Holidays to everyone, I wanted to take a moment and wish you all a blessed holiday season with happiness and health for you and your family throughout the new year to come in 2021. It's times like these that we look back in amazement and disbelief of the times we're living in. 2020 was hard on everyone and if things could go wrong it went wrong in 2020 with Corona Virus and Politics being front and center here in the United States. We've now spent months away from family and friends in isolation as we have learned to live in our new normal. These are unprecedented times that I for one will never be happier to put behind us. 2020 was especially hard for businesses and I feel fortunate that CA survived for now. Over all our donations last year brought in $615 to offset operating costs, thank you to all who helped out. Our advertising dwindled to almost nothing, specifically we received 28% of what we made in 2019 for advertising income as advertisers ran from expenses and businesses failed. Our subscriptions saw the lowest year on record and our cost of doing business went up 9.5% in July as costs of failing businesses got passed on to those of us who remained. This was definitely the year not to remember yet still with all the horror and red ink we consider ourselves lucky to still be standing. Yes it was bad for CA but there are many of us who saw worse times this year. People stood in voting lines and food lines here in America during a pandemic for the first time ever. We lost loved ones around the globe as we were divided with fear and misinformation. Jobs and businesses were lost all over our countries leaving tomorrow uncertain for many but throughout it all in a weird way we found some humanity. We reached out and helped where we could and lifted lives and spirits, I hope that continues. In the spirit of giving this season CA will be donating to Feeding America, Covenant House BC, The Trussell Trust UK, Banques Alimentaires FR, Tafel Deutschland, Leket Israel, and UNICEF to help feed those who need the assistance this winter. I wish we could do more but we're hoping doing our small part contributing to the whole is what matters. Merry Christmas everyone, E
  7. The Corona Virus Thread

    Science Magazine did a well written piece on Sunday and Time did another yesterday, both good reads. The problem to reacting the way we are to the UK is that it's too late. The scientists find and note mutations all the time, Coronavirus being the most thoroughly tracked virus ever, then the mutation is studied and watched until someone says look at this data. Then and finally then does the information leave the lab and get to someone who can make an alarming announcement that puts countries around the globe in fear mode but by then the virus has migrated to be found in countries outside the UK, yet none of the blocks were on those countries. My point being is that back in July or September when the mutation was found if someone had said hey this is of notable concern and they reacted like this so it wouldn't escape the region, then kudos, but they did not. So really any reaction we make at this point in time is putting the road apples back in the horse. Thank God the country wasn't out of bacon or tea. The resulting riots could have brought the UK back to anarchy. Stay healthy. E
  8. The Corona Virus Thread

    Now if it happens we're all going to know you jinxed us. You can't mess with 2020 like that even though there's only 10 days left she can still pull out the big guns.
  9. The Corona Virus Thread

    It's stupidity to respond in fear when we know viruses mutate and adapt over time, that's what they and all life bleeding do. There is three strains in the US all mutations of the original and every host Covid infects then gets passed on from Covid will learn from and adapt. Why insight panic when it's the same boogie man wearing a different costume, it makes no sense. The UK will be fine even if we have to air drop in supplies, we'll figure out a way. I suspect however before the weeks out the port closures will change to more suitably match the risk. We've had one shock and awe, and one was enough for any lifetime.
  10. The Corona Virus Thread

    Not Bob's Big Boy! I love their Big Boy and shake combination have since a kid old enough to eat one but their are very few of them left and certainly none of them close by. I don't understand the political gain and position of the President. It seems, as was proven, his position was/is a lose/lose. It's just baffling and it's not like we didn't have an example of what happens when our hospitals reach capacity we flipping watch Italy go through it first hand in the first wave. These idiots in DC are guilty of failing to protect our nation, their number one job. E
  11. The Corona Virus Thread

    Sorry to hear that MB, glad you and the family are safe and trying to stay that way. I'm in the same boat excluding the LVL 4 containment. We'd love love to see the rest of the family but the risks are just too high so we're snuggling in over the holidays. Planning on burning lots of firewood, smoking some jerky, making some red chili and pork / beef tamales, and drinking as much Scotch as I can get away with without getting into trouble.
  12. The Corona Virus Thread

    It's not a surprise that things have progressively gotten worse and will continue to get worse. What is a surprise is that some people heard and believed the warnings while others did not which allowed and often encouraged them to act against their own health and welfare. The issue has never been the quantitative numbers of illnesses versus deaths but instead at what point do we overwhelm our health system so much so that preventable deaths become deaths due to capacity not the virus. We have always known that the finite numbers are those of the ICU beds and medical professionals but only some of us listened and believed those warnings. Now the tough decisions start and someone has to decide who lives and who dies because of capacity and staff, it's absurd we're so hard headed that we'd do this to ourselves yet we did. Wake up folks, together we rise or together we fall, no man is an island in a pandemic. The adage "remove all the warning labels and let the problems sort itself out" is exactly how we were led through the pandemic so it's obvious to some that this is what the outcome would be. Your health is fragile and if you want to remain healthy consider everyone contagious until proven otherwise, wear a mask, wash your hands, socially distance, avoid crowded places especially enclosed locations, and remain vigilant about your hygiene. I pray we all make it out of this alive but the numbers and law of averages are working against us at this point because some of us never understood the risks of becoming sick or even a carrier in this pandemic. Your sickness may not kill you but it could kill or severely affect the lives of others you spread it to. If you haven't heard in the UK they have discovered a variant of COVID19. The virus is mutating becoming a better virus which they believe may have a higher infection rate. That's what forced some parts of the UK into an earlier quarantine yesterday. It's unknown if the mutation posses any additional risks or is resistant to the vaccine only time will tell. My holiday wish for everyone this year is for health and the day we can look back on this time and say we survived it. Be kind to all and remember there are people suffering with loss, sickness, income shortages, evictions, and food insecurity to name a few. Go out of your way to help and be kind when and if you can, America needs us. E
  13. The Corona Virus Thread

    It's horrific, I agree with you. The people who say they love this country the most, serve in our military, wear a badge, hold high offices in government, hug flags, fly flags in the back trucks are the most detrimental to human life and to our country. It's disgusting.
  14. The Corona Virus Thread

    The imposition of a mask is not oppression. We're losing a town the size of Parma Idaho every day on average in America, yesterday alone 3,053 people died. The mask mob mafia are misguided and they should be ashamed of how they are acting. Do unto others..., I am my brother's keeper, Be kind, Be best; all out the window like the baby with the bath water. Today in America you're more likely to die from a health condition that pre-pandemic you would have survived only because these non-maskers, non-believers are now plugging and over burdening our healthcare systems. Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units are filled throughout the United States to capacity and these guys literally are acting like a 5 year old that won't eat their vegetables. Since the days of Adam and Eve being tossed from the garden more than 99% of us leave our house every day with clothes on, it's a societal norm. A mask is a societal norm during a time of a worldwide pandemic, nothing more. Just like you wear a coat in the winter and shorts in the summer we wear a mask in a pandemic, no big deal. This mob of people who sat in their comfy chairs with disdain in their hearts watching Fox News criticizing the BLM protests as an unruly mob have turned into what they themselves loathed. BLM protested the death of black men and women at the hands of police. The mask mob mafia is protesting wearing a piece of cloth over your face. If it was found that wearing a mask hurt you or injured you it's possible I might have a little bit of compassion for this fight but the simple facts are masks do not harm people. So apparently we've turned into a nation of fragile and selfish people that can't be imposed upon even for the good of the nation but instead want to feign oppression where there is none. Their actions are suspect and they need to grow the fuck up.
  15. RIP Chuck Yeager


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