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  1. Anyone else use WinGet?

    I've been using WinGet to update all the programs installed on my Windows machine for about a year now. It's an amazing way to keep all your software updated in one simple to use command. Open a command line and type "winget list --all" to see a list of the programs WinGet can update for you. Type "winget upgrade --all" to upgrade all the packages available. For more details on how to use WinGet I highly suggest using the help menu or the man pages online. Use this at your risk and I highly suggest reviewing upgrade packages for ones you don't want to upgrade. In my case I don't have any so using the upgrade --all command works but you could just as easily install singular packages without having to scour the internet for updates. Oh, and it's January 1st, 2024, don't forget to back up your data.
  2. Gentlemen, It's the holidays and a new year is right around the corner. Nobody needs harsh words though I understand some people are passionate about their views. Let's please consider getting back to where we were before this topic was ever started and let us not ruin some good friendships over any of this. Yes, some have been wronged but our problem isn't with the people here but the ones taking work and sharing it inappropriately. When it comes down to it, we're all limited to regulate proprietary infringement unless you're willing to spend the time and money it takes to police it. I wish you all great holiday blessings and may 2024 bring health, prosperity, and happiness to you and your families. Kindly, Erik
  3. I'm sure his facebook account can be reported, someone should look into it.
  4. Is this picture real or a fake?

    To my eye the F-16 looks super imposed over the rest of the image, based on clarity of the F-16 and the non-clarity of the rest of image. If this was aerial footage then the rest of the video exists, why pull a single frame from the footage? Without the support of the remainder of the video I would error on the side of manipulated photo.
  5. Those are good textures for a DAT model. The weathering on the wing leading edge is indicative of flying through a sandstorm. Wrench is correct though, that's a DAT related issue we can't, by their demanded proclamation, will not get involved with.
  6. Need your prayers

    Mohammed you and your family are strong, you will persevere by coming together and taking it one day at a time. We all wish you the best friend. E
  7. Need your prayers

    Stay strong, we're all wishing you and your family the best of outcomes. E
  8. 2023 Income Drive

    It's possible there's some confusion. We don't try to force sell anything. However, the page you see those subscription plans on is the page for subscriptions you have not purchased or new subscriptions, or the "Purchase Subscription" page. In your case you want to renew a subscription you have and to do that you have to use the "Manage Subscription" page which is here: https://combatace.com/clients/purchases/ Once on that page find the subscription you want to re-subscribe to and select "Manage". On the management page you can renew, or upgrade, that subscription. I think that's what you're looking for. Please let me know if it is not. Erik
  9. I would look for a LTL "Less Than Load" carrier in those areas and get quotes by contacting them. Here's my search term I put into Google "ltl freight spain to belgium". Here's the results I got back, yours may vary.
  10. This is an installation problem. I would uninstall ODS then confirm that your base SF2 runs and operates properly, has all your modded aircraft, missions, etc. Once you do that I would re-install ODS using the defaults by letting ODS detect your installation of SF2 and install accordingly. Check to see if ODS now runs properly. If it does you know your issue is in your paths and installation. You can then uninstall and reinstall, making the necessary changes. Because systems and people set up their machines and installation so differently, we don't offer support in these areas as it's not a game mod issue. Please know we can try to help but it's never going to be specific advice. Be prepared to dig in to resolve this issue. Erik
  11. RIP Snook

    They say cats are better than dogs because cats aren't snitches, they won't tell the police where your drugs are. I've always loved that saying even though I'm a dog person.
  12. 2023 Income Drive

    Special recognition and gratitude for their support: Wrench Logan4 trotski00 Gepard Hans Topp MigBuster GKABS Menrva Shootingstar2 Christopher Docherty Muesli Jimbib Logan4 Gunrunner Mue Mayollid Wizard43 EricJ Octavia038 snapper 21 busdriver crisisloaner ZealousFoX mk145 Lovi0715 Impulse8792 Karl_Vance trotski00 Viggen Major Blooknok ludo.m54 Badinoff
  13. 2023 Income Drive

    Hi everyone, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that the site's operating budget comes from the income we receive from donations, subscriptions, and ads. While our site traffic remains constant our advertising revenue has dropped. Changes to the way Google pays for advertisements and lower ad interest from advertisers have led to publishers, like us, taking drops in ad income. With shrinking ad revenue combined with fewer subscription plan purchases the site is on life support. Our donations for the year total $720 or a monthly average of $80. The good news is you can help by donating, renewing a subscription, or starting a new subscription. Use the links below to help. · Renew Subscription · New Subscription · Donate

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