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  1. F-22 for Israel.

    I don't think Israel will get any new US warplanes prior an attack in Iran. Iran will (if) have to be attacked in the next 12 months, or it might get close having a first bomb or at least dirty bomb. 2ndly, it takes a hell of a time to go through all the process of having the wish to order new warplanes to beeing able to have a target in the HUD. That can take at least 2-3 years, even with the already existing F22. So I guess there won't be any F22 or F35 hitting Iran, will probably be F-15's as the bombers and F-16 for air cover and ECM. Regarding the question if yes or no USA should give Israel the F22's, dunno. As a patriotic american I would maybe say no, as an american business man I would say 'yes', as an american military head I would say yes yes for the sole reason of getting finally "real-life" feedback back of F22's bugs, troubles and lacks (even though they might be already used in Afghanistan and Irak). Nevertheless, I do think Israel needs this airplane. Just read, that through its altitude ability of +19km and speed, it can drop boms from further away from the target, offering the projectile a bigger hit inertia (deeper impact), and on top of that being only a bird swarm blip on the radar of the enemy. That's simply invaluable. Not for Iran, but for the future. I don't think that Iran is the last threat, I do think there will be a bigger mess in the future in the middle east (10 years ahaid).

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