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  1. Is there a way to change the bomb ripple quantity in russian planes? i've looked everywhere but didnt find any information about it. Also, is it my understanding that you need to land to get credit for your kills, sometimes my custom made pilot doesn't get the credit is this some kind of a bug.?
  2. Disaster in Asia

    yes, more than 20,000 people dead in a single day is pretty serious. this earthquake is going down in history books as one of the worst ever and no one is likely to forget about it anytime soon. you realize that the map of the earth did not look like this thousands of years ago, mother nature is begining to redraw the map again. i wonder what the new map will look like
  3. Disaster in Asia

    it all depends on where you live. your location will determine what natural disaster you will get hit by. there are hot spots around the world where the earth's crusts are overlaping creating tremendous pressure waiting to release. or if you live n a coastal city you might be hit with hurricanes or tsunamis and of course if you live near an active volcano you'll have to worry about eruption. as for asteroids its pretty much luck of the draw theres no safe place to hide from asteroids unless you live in a deep underground bunker
  4. force feedback problem

    for the most part ff is working fine, except when i eject from the cockpit that's when it starts to bother me. i dont want to turn it off completely...but i might have to if there's no other way we'll see. btw does the x45 have ff?
  5. is anybody else having the same problem as me....every time i eject from the plane the joystick is still rumbling after the plane has crashed into the ground. its annoying when i'm trying to watch the action and wait for the outcome of the mission and no other flyable planes to switch to. my joystick is a microsoft sidewinder force feedback 2 stick. if anybody knows how to get around this pls let me know thks.
  6. The rumbling is knocking things off my desk, is there a way to turn it down or off completely? I have a ms sidewinder ff2 stick. already went into joystick properties to turn it off but it is still active in the game. thks

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