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  1. Just got back from the Air Show

    WOW!!!!! That looks good. What a great old war planes. And that 60 years after their duty over Europe or Pacific. Where was this show? Was it in Chino? I know that they have old warplanes over there. Absoluty, I like sound of those planes. Salute Dutchy
  2. Now THIS is a cool patch.

    I saw a nice one in the magazine CombatAircraft. It was an article about a squadron the teach new navy pilots. On their patch you saw the line "We train HOOKERS". Salute Dutchy
  3. Medal of Honor Awarded

    The Britons have also a "medal of honour" named Victoria Cross. And since the Falkland Conflict in the '80's is a new medal awarded to a soldier that served in Iraq. This time the man that get it is still alive (there 15 awarders since ww2 in live). Read this amazing story. http://www.guardian.co.uk/print/0%2C3858%2...03550%2C00.html Would you know more about this medal, go to http://www.victoriacross.net/ Thanks for the site of the Medal of Honour, I was looking on the internet for that. Salute Dutchy
  4. Now THIS is a cool patch.

    Hahaha Yeah that is cool. That put i smile on my face at sunday morning. Salute Dutchy
  5. looks good this forum

    First things first, I am back. Why? I thought I quit with visiting this forum. But I look better and I thought: Why not visiting again? The reason to quit was the end of the Forums of Phantom and Warthog. But the Pub (give me a drink) and WW1 sims keep me stay here. About the last one I have a question: Hogpen13 are you also still visit this forum? You know we keep contact by mail or by you website. Salute friends of Biohazcentral, Dutchy is back in town!
  6. Looks good, hopely it is gonna be also for the XboX. Thanks ArgonV for the link. Salute Dutchy
  7. 22 hours after the bombing in Tel-Aviv

    I heard it and not surprised. It is the continue story of Israël. Cease fire than a bomb, a raid on the house or family of the bomber. Than another bomb etc etc ...........Till somebody says: Cease Fire!! Week or maybe two, is it the same story. Salute and take care of yourself and family. Dutchy
  8. No NHL season 2004/2005

    The lock-out is going on and now is it for real. No NHL. For the support and fans in Canada and USA is it sad, but for the fans in Europe is a little good news. Here in Europe plays NHL players in teams. In Amsterdam for example they have Karl Dijkhuis (Montreal Canadians). When NHL was going on this season, all the stars went home, but now the lock-out is still going on the stay. Question to the hockeyfans here: "What for league are you looking at or are you watch old games and dvd's?" Salute Dutchy
  9. What if the USAF had a carrier?

    "Hole in one!!!" or must I say: "Hole in splash water". Salute Dutchy
  10. New site owners, the A-10/F-4 sections

    Hogpen13, when a forum is still quit will not say there is no news in the future, think about the C version of the Warthog. I hope the forum stays. And what the Phantom, there also still flying and when they retire than is it on that forum that I read it. And something else, I saw your new stile at your own site www.warthogpen.com. I like it. My plan was to mail you and congratulate with the new site update. Salute Dutchy
  11. Superbowl Flyover Contest

    Do you give also all the answers? I missed Superbowl (midnight at sunday on monday in Europe). But I like to know what was flying. Salute Dutchy
  12. a navy F/A-18F Super Hornet Crashed

    That is not so nice. I like the SuperHornet. What a great plane to see and to see it flighing. I hope the groundcrew will recover and can take duty again on the ship. Salute Dutchy
  13. Woman on icehockeyskates

    This lady is a though one. She skates between male hockeyplayers. http://www.nhl.com/onthefly/news/2005/01/225038.html Nice to see other icehockeynews now the NHL lockout is just keeping forwards to the end of the season. (and she looks good to me) I was sundaynigth at a game in mine country. And one of the linesman was woman. I like that, woman at rough and though sports. Salute Dutchy
  14. Sea Stallion went down in Iraq

    Nesher, the wise words under your name. Are months ago dropped for the first time by me in a topic about Israël. I like it to see that you used them. Keep them and use them proud. Salute Dutchy
  15. Sea Stallion went down in Iraq

    Never heard of that crash in Israël. So many soldiers died. Most big crashes I heard about it. A CH-53 (all types) can take a lot of people or equipment in it. So when one comes down and it is a full house, than is it always a big disaster. Sorry, I have to say, when a plane or helicopter went down than is it nearly always a disaster. Never mind how many are in it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ even about the remark en remembrance Auschwitz. I did watch tv yesterday and I was impressed. The queen of mine country was the seven or eight person that lay a candle on the gravemarks (were that gravemarks?). Salute Dutchy

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