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  1. I can't get WOV to work at all but SFP1 has been running fine until I updated to version 8 somthing or other and I'm getting the same crash to desktop as you in WOV, is there any way to undo an update or do I have to uninstall everything and start over?
  2. I read in the read me about fixing the CTD's I just didn't realize that I would lose them. Thanks for the info I will install the July patch today. Thanks
  3. Has anyone else had this problem? Please everyone understand that I am not on a rant, just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. I checked all the file folders for the saved campaigns, they are gone. I got frustrated las night and went ahead and started over with everything. I have the 5-10 and the 5-26 patches installed and running just fine. I think I will leave the July update off for a while to see what develops. Willie

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