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  1. Big kudos to Harrison Ford for a terrific recovery from a dire aviation situation, engine failure on takeoff. It appears that he turned his PT-19(?) around and landed on a golf course with minor injuries. Of course, minor injuries are not minor to a 70 year old man, so he may still have some other things to deal with than his apparent cuts and bruises. However, take a look at the densely populated area from which he had to chose a place to land and the path through the trees he had to navigate to get the aircraft down on the golf course. The dude has some skills. The force was with him and some damn fine skills certainly minimized collateral damage to people and homes closely packed in the area. Good on you, Harrison! To take a look at how difficult this can be, use one of our fine WWII aircraft found here and simulate a similar situation in any of the WO* sims. Chop the throttle to 0% at or around 500 to 1000' and try to turn around and make the runway you just departed. Big hint, most accidents occur in this situation by the pilot stalling the aircraft. Keep you flying speed and remember, when you turn, that minimum flying airspeed goes up proportionally to the angle of bank used for the turn. You will learn quickly that what Harrison did is no small aviation feat.
  2. Important new sim....

    That would be me....amongst many.
  3. ISIS recruits from the UK

    No person on this planet is in need of God's mercy that these deluded people. But not mine........
  4. Nice show and good music to boot. Thanks.
  5. Henry is sorely missed.

  6. russian victory parade 2014

    OK, I'm picky here........Lend Lease, not Lend Leace.
  7. Days with Polish Army

    Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Jug to the bench

    I have officially retired and am intent on doing very little. 20 years flying jets for the USAF, 23 years writing software for the US intelligence community, and I am done. Returning to my home in Alabama, looking forward to spending my remaining time flying with my friends here at Combat Ace. So an old Tiger hands off the reins to a younger breed of cat, who is better than I ever was.
  9. Sochi Olympic Games....

    I wish the final event in the Olympics was not the invasion of the Ukraine. Kinda limits my admiration of the hosts.
  10. MiG-21 was a short-legged sweetheart of an interceptor. MiG-25 was the brute force fighter of all time. I've seen the ugly end of both, but admired them as adversaries.
  11. Mother of God....

    Dave, didn't know about your Dad. Prayers and hopes for a speedy recovery.
  12. CombatACE Editors and Staff

    Well said and well done!

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