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  1. Mr Spinners, you're a gentleman and a star - that's a work of beauty. Thank you so much, I owe you a large pint!
  2. Spinners, that looks amazing! Found this nice snippet about my dad on the 8 sqdn site: "For some months, the Helicopter Flight at Khormaksar had been grounded, thus reducing the chances of a downed Venom pilot being rescued to almost nil. Therefore, in September, a Venom drop tank was modified to carry a standard .303 rifle, fifty rounds of ammunition and ten pints of water by the “B” Flight Commander. Flight trials were carried out with the asymmetric load and they proved successful. The tank could be dropped to a downed pilot at 180kts from 140 feet AGL." Nice mod! I'm not sure what serial number FGA9s he flew. I know he was in T7 XL615 when it lost an argument with a mountain. I really am delighted by your help.
  3. Gents I'm overwhelmed by your responses - my father flew with that squadron, having also flown Sabres in Korea. I have a teenage son who would be so pleased to be able to fly in an 8 sqdn plane. Thanks again, I'm truly chuffed!
  4. Forgive me if this is the wrong forum for asking this, but does anyone know of any skins for 8 Sqdn RAF Hunter FGA9s? I'd be very grateful for any assistance!

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