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  1. Gloster P-74B Meteor - 374th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group, United States Army Air Force, 1944
  2. Yes, W10 here with no problems.
  3. Single MiG... seeks similar, GSOH, non-smoker for fun days out and possibly more. Sukhoi's need not apply.
  4. Grumman F-19A Wildcat - VF-1, US Navy, 1979 A flight of fancy but I much prefer reality!
  5. Bantam Bomber I think we should stop bombing the Bantams. They've done us no harm.
  6. Following the Second World War, RCAF aircraft returning from overseas and those that remained in Canada, maintained their RAF style markings until an indigenous system could be developed. Canada was the very first Commonwealth country to adopt its own unique national insignia in 1946. Between 1947 and unification in 1968, the RCAF transitioned through four distinct markings "eras". Source: Canadian Military Aircraft Markings 101 Required Screenie
  7. Very good work guys. A superb 3D model and top notch skins. Well done to you all, a great team effort.

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