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  1. Dear GrinchWSLG, Its cool that you are making a 3D model of the YF-19. I see that you are following the design from the Hasegawa 1/72 model kit. However the Hasegawa design is cool for a static fighter mode only model, if you want to make a transformable model the plans from the Yamato 1/60 kit is more 'accurate' (relatively speaking since the YF-19 Alpha One design was never shown in that much detail in the anime, especially for the important parts and that the creator of the YF-19 never produced detailed line arts.) The Hasegawa kit added the missing details with their own guesswork ideas, not their fault as artwork, line drawings, etc of those missing parts were never shown in the first place. As for the Yamato kit, it does try to follow precisely as much as possible to what we had actually seen in the Anime OVA, and since it is a transformable model I think it is more accurate/realistic in terms of some of the dimensions (whereas the Hasegawa kit feels too small/skinny in some places for all the internal components of the YF-19 to fit). An example is the Neck/Belly area behind the cockpit, where it is thin and slender for the Hasegawa kit but thicker with the Yamato (to make room for the landing gear and transforming capability). Anyway I not criticizing your work, it's a great thing you are doing, I just wanted to inform you of the differences between the model kits' designs. If the models aren't accurate, blame the creator Kawamori for not making diagrams, artwork which shows all the details. Here is a review about the Yamato model: http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/toys/Y...F-19_review.htm

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