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  1. ANG KC-135R Skins Part 2

  2. TMF F-14 Tomcat Superpack

  3. Anyone Else Furloughed Today?

    Thought I'd pop back in here to say hey. I'm not furloughed. But I'm being forced to work and not being paid. Just like very other ATCer in the country. We're very angry. Morale is the pits, and I know a lot of folks who have no idea how they're supposed to pay the bills. I'm okay, for now, but my next pay check will be half of one and after that they'll just stop until these idiots figure things out. Let's just hope like hell nothing happens before they do, without our support staff the airspace system is starting to fall apart.
  4. Had the same thing happen while I was on vacation. Increased my security to require phone verification and reset my password. No problemo.
  5. I'll be at the USAF Armament Museum in a few days. If anyone has any specific requests either post them here or PM me. I already plan on doing tons of photos of the weapons there, but there's also static aircraft and a some archives I can dig through for more specific stuff.
  6. Grinch's Photos

    Okay, how about some more on topic stuff for this forum, eh? Went to Seattle for Seafair this weekend. USS Halsey P-47 Rainier Aerobatic Seafair Warbirds Warhawk Seafair Mustang 1 Seafair Mustang 2 Seafair Thunderbolt Fat Albert Blue Angel 6 Blue Angels Echelon Blue Angels Seafair Blue Angels Diamond Blue Angels Seafair 3
  7. Grinch's Photos

    And a couple self shot to remind myself how awesome I am Mount Brown Summit Triple Divide Self Shot
  8. Grinch's Photos

    Just got back from a week in Glacier National Park. This is gonna be a lot of pics, hold on to your butts. Avalanche Falls Destiny Elysium Quies Aqua Saxa Immortality Mount Cannon Unbound Wild Goose Fountains of Man Sinopah Glacies Lacus
  9. C-17 lands at wrong airfield

    We had a P-3 come down to the numbers once before they figured out what was going on. Its real easy to mistake KGEG and SKA though if you're just focusing on the runway. Airliners line up on Fairchild all the time, its something we have to constantly watch out for.
  10. When I suggested it I was thinking of the second part of your suggestion. But I think there's a lot of benefit to making a download that takes care of all the must have basics in the view of the CombatAce community. If TK doesn't want to represent this user base then we'll just have to go around him. I have no doubts as to the talents of this bunch of half witted scruffy looking nerf herders.
  11. Here's just my idea: Core Realism Mod: Stuff that spans across all the sims without any issues, the major INI edits, effects, weapons(?), etc Realism Aircraft Expansion (Variants for each sim?): Updated aircraft, textures Realism Ground Expansion (Variants?): Updated terrains, ground objects Or, Core Mod + SF2 Realism Expansion/SF2:E Realism Expansion/SF2:I Realism Expansion The idea is to create simple to install packages the are not too big. Dividing it into modules makes it both easier for people to install and easier to organize. Make a master file list and version numbers so things can be kept in line across the board, so one pack doesn't interfere with another. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Excellent guys. Unfortunately I can't be too helpful in the short term, but in November I'll be visiting the USAF Armament Museum and the National Naval Air Museum. I'll be gathering loads of data at both locations, specifically for modeling weapons. If there's anything anyone needs that might be at those locations give me a shout before November and I'll note it for the trip.
  13. I'm starting to honestly believe TK doesn't know how to code his own game to be honest. Maybe he never did in the first place, he's always hired other people to do it for him. I don't know. But the constant excuses make me wonder, because you see all these indie devs out there that code new features in mere days, and TK can't even make simple revisions to the sim on his own. Maybe his complaints about costs for fixing or bringing in new features is because he has to hire a coder to do it. Maybe its time he let go of his misplaced pride and admitted the truth? I guess in the end it doesn't matter. Not like we can force him to do anything with his product sadly enough. I think its time we put a group together here at combatace to start exploring what realism changes we can make to the sim externally, like a combined realism mod that goes into the ini's and weapons data files to try to get the game to be more what we want it to be, and would be a simple installation. Right now everything is kind of spread across mods and ini edits, can be a bit overwhelming for newer players.

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