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  1. Tomcat skin issues

    Thanks I'll give it a try.
  2. I have always loved the tomcat which is odd seeing in how I'm a blue suit wing wiper. Anyway I've run into a problem with the VF-143 Punkin Dogs skin. The markings are only showing up on the right side of the aircraft. I installed it per the readme so I'm not sure what has gone wrong. Any Advice? PropMech
  3. Anybody explain how to effectively use the HARM missile in WOE? I remember seeing a post here about it a while back but now I can't find it. I can't get the friggin' thing to track to a ground target to save my life. PropMech
  4. That did the trick! Thanks Malibu I appreciate you taking the time to verify. I just flew a quick mission and everything is sitting beautifully on the rails. Can't say enough about the way you and everyone else here have helped me since I joined. Thanks a million. Clear skies and good hunting PropMech
  5. Which patch? The one I have installed is 083006. PropMech
  6. Hey all, Got another question for the tweakers in here. I've patched and added a weapons pack to my WOE install. Everything works fine but for whatever reason my sidewinders and drop tanks on my F-15 "float" inboard of the pylons. Not sure what caused the shift so I wanted to see if any of you have ever encountered this and know of a fix. Thanks in advance. PropMech
  7. Just as a side note your quote about bandits at three o'clock is beautiful.
  8. I would like to use on the A-10. Do I have to add it to the A/C ini after I run the wep editor?
  9. I can't seen to get the AVQ laser designator to show up on my available stores list in WOE. I've completed the install and ran the weapons editor and I have the other items in that d/l. I've looked in the knowledge base and found it very helpful. I followed the tutorial and was able to make everything else work but that AVQ. Any suggestions? PropMech
  10. First Eagles?

    For whatever reason I've been thinking lately about a WWI sim. I checked out a review of FE and it basically said what I've seen other reviews of "unpatched" sims like WOV & WOE. Both TW games I absolutely love so I'm confident FE would be no different. Especially knowing this site and all the patches, skins and aircraft I've downloaded for those two titles. Having said that I wanted to get some feed back from fellow combat simmers about FE. Is it worth buying, tweaking and patching? I have IL2 1946 so I'm very familiar with lead and three second bursts. So....is it worth it? PropMech
  11. Hey all, Got a question regarding IL2 1946 resolution. Theres no option for 1280x1024x32 like in WO*. Is there anyway to mod the game for this resolution? After being spoiled playing WOV and seeing how sharp the picture is I'm having trouble dealing with the fact that even though IL2 is absolutely incredible WWII sim the picture just isn't as a good as WOV. Thanks in advance. PropMech
  12. Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try. Do I have to change it every time I want to fly a different jet against a MiG-21?
  13. Got everything up and running and now I have a question about setting up single missions. I want to take the hornet and eagle up against MiG-21's but the only aircraft it will ever let me fly against is the MiG-15. I tried messing around with the mission years which seems to work but then the operational years for the F-86 disappear. Is there anyway to select the aircraft you fly against and still have all the operational years intact for all aircraft? PropMech
  14. After reading all your posts and doing some research on my own I finally installed everything in the correct order and I've adjusted the operations years. First let me say thank you to all of you who have posted and given me a hand. You guys are awesome. The game is working great and all the aircraft I'm installing are showing up and working pretty much as advertised. Something weird though when I use the SU-27 and F-15. While I'm still sitting on the runway I get a call from red crown saying mission complete RTB. Anyone every ran into to this? PropMech

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