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  1. Thanks, The new missile values helped a lot, Now I can shoot down F-22's just as good as they can shoot me down. PS: The game I play is WOE.
  2. When I fly plane's like the F-22 or F-15 I can always hit something useing my air to air missile's. But When I fly Soviet plane's like the SU-27 or Mig-21 I can't hit anything, My missile's always go for the flare's, Also the flare's in the Soviet plane's don't work as good as the USAF one's. How can i get beter useing Soviet plane's?
  3. I have one story i can post (sorry no pics). One time in a instant action game in some bad fog, I shot down a few Mig's, But Then I got out of the fog and saw that I had a Mig behind me who had a missile lock on me, Most of his missile's missed me, But then one missile got a glancing hit on me, The engine's died and some of the left wing was gone, The Mig was still behind me, I was doomed, But then the Mig flew past me and i got a missile lock and fired killing the Mig. I then landed on the ground on only the nose gear. That was the only time I survived a missile hit or any kind of hit, Now do you guy's survive all this bad damage?
  4. Thanks i'll be sure to do that.
  5. Thanks for your answers and the kind welcomes I'll get the weapon pack and then see what planes i like.
  6. Hi I'm new to this site and i just purchased and downloaded Wings Over Europe, I'm haveing fun with the game and i what to add some new planes. But I what to know if i need to download anything before i can start adding planes? I heed about a Weapon Pack, Do i need this pack before i can download planes?

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