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  1. this is also important in options ini I guess AntiAliasing=1 ForceDX9=TRUE ForceVSyncOff=TRUE Use32BitZBuffer=TRUE
  2. IT WORKS! at least using VorpX, edit: with new vorpx (via vorpix configuration utility) profile derived from "ArxFatalis"* one The only downside is ForceDx9=TRUE in strikefighters2 options.ini, I was yet unable to create working Dx10 SF2 vorpix AT ALL. The closest I was with Alan Wake (Dx10 title) but locked during loading at 30 percent. Will do more tests but been able to run at bare low at 1280x1024 for starters (which is always recommended for testing new game with vorpx) vorpx works in z-normal and z-depth, not geometry3d, recommend letterbox 2 with ambient background setting. Head tracking in Vive works :) no head roll yet I guess it requires modding of viewlist.ini to add it; of course it is then obvious one needs to increase view limits to full 360 degree in all cockpits ini files too. Testing on HTC Vive here, I guess Oculus Rift would work too..? Hope to find more when I get there I will post. *the one created for Dx9 mod for Arx Fatalis called Art Libertatis -highly recommended BTW
  3. yeah can't find them myself Viper63a. Anyway bought myself vorpX drivers for OR/Vive that inject itself into older games with mixed results and plan to test them in spare time
  4. Hello Coupi :) I just want to fly SF2 in VR ...badly trying to search if someone made it working maybe series 1 at least, will report back in few days IF I find anything
  5. getting SF2 working in O-Rift -> ReVive route is ever possible somehow? I am pretty sure I saw Rift SF2 clips in the past
  6. Yo gang! Another Vive user here some might recollect me from time long past as having vague interest in Strike FIghters 2 :D :D :D anyway, any word on using SF/SF2 in VR? Vorpx for example? I think this might be something renewing my active SF2 flying/modding cheerio!
  7. can't test at the moment (must install SF2 here) but it does look very nice! Thumbs up mate!
  8. MiG-17K Fresco-G

  9. Sa'ar cockpits dual pack

  10. Nort American Harvard Mk.II


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