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  1. Morning,
    Would you happen to know if Bobrock is still around?

  2. Eurotrip or a non Official CA Getaround

    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the experience Tio Enocito! And again, keep the socks
  3. those were there since day one IIRC, just modulation options built in, I was fiddling with those for some different trees graphics blending options for soem test treemods back when, never found them usable, nice to see those actually do have some use on certain materials/textures
  4. so is it out yet? find the trainers to be best bang for the buck in DCS for me
  5. well this is very crude shader tweak, messing with avionics -without even saying what specifically?- is different level and frankly out of scope of my interest
  6. this is most likely cheap 2002 era solution, puzzling given EAW had transparent see-through clouds layers (but not on overcast)
  7. Well on my end clouds disappear at times near borders but it's standard bug related to calculating what camera can see, nothing to do with this hack. Sadly only TK could fix some things...
  8. so Win10 when eh? tumbleweed? tumbleweed! prepurchased it and somewhat am not suprised it isn't here yet :insert suprised pikachu face: MiGMan_Flight_Sim_Museum -BTW pleasantly suprised to see a legend from modem times way back here, cheers!- made excellent points the biggest offense are the lighting and atmosphere, terrain I would argue still works in the tiled variant as titles like Falcon BMS or Vector Thrust show, it's the matter of polishing things there and ofc the big elephant in the room is lack of presence on Steam and GOG
  9. looking at his repo, seems intriguing what would improve the sim big time is going from stencil shadows to soft shadowmaps, man I need to hack in different flagging for inside views classes (cockpits) to cast shadows
  10. Hello Menrva! yes I seen the new fitting color in ODS 30, splendid job all the team! as for clouds I don't see much that can be done apart from extending their draw ranges and minimizing flicker/disappearances out of camera frustrum, which I have looked into and might have some tweaks -with the sacrifice of number or size of the individual clouds, sadly, but that is something I might look into in my limited spare hobby time.
  11. Hi gang, one of the reasons I sort of stopped caring for the series couple of years back and went my way of not flying combat flight sims was plethora of controversial movements by TK around 2010-2013 period -followed by lack of QOL updates and Thirdwire's focus on mobile market that followed; one of these design decisions was locking clouds altitudes at unrealistic and immersion killing levels of over 14-16k feet ASL which made game less of a fun or challenge turns out solution was very simple hack of vertex shader in ENVCLOUDS.FX which you will find attached in this post, just drop it into your mod's Flight folder, overwrite if asked tested with stock clouds, SARCASM 1.5 and excellent Menrva's realSKY Environment -which I am looking at modding a bit on my end technical blurb: this is simple vertex shader hack that pushes the vertices of clouds plane meshes downwards in world space by user-configurable value: const float4 P = mul(float4(input.pos.x,input.pos.y,input.pos.z - 1900, 1.0), g_mMeshToWorld); // position, world-space where 1900 is world-space units (= meters), all the hack does is feeds the shader skewed z (z being height in SF series, as things should be) value of course there are some issues with intersecting with close range terrain meshes (near_scene) so visual glitches might ensue at times but that was the reason TK pushed them up in the first place Also, if this or other method was posted earlier apologies, haven't looked around much the forums. Cheers, Stary ENVCLOUDS.FX
  12. hello my name is Mek and I haven't been here in quite a bit that's nice, really nice please work on it
  13. Hello Sir,

    Sorry to bother you, but I think maybe you could help me. I want to make an effect similar to SF1 for AMRAAM missile, but for SF2. In SF1 it was called LongRangeMissileEffect.ini , maybe you remember it. Could you send me here the content of the MissileFireEffect.ini file for SF2 ? I can't find it in SF2 CATs (I play SF2 Israel only for now) or maybe I don't know how to find it. If I see the content of this file ( the MissileFireEffect.ini) I can copy/set the line for the shader in LongRangeMissileEffect.ini I want to create for SF2. I think it might work, but if I am wrong please feel free to correct me. Thank you for your time!

    1. UllyB


      Hello Sir,

      I tried your Hollywood effects pack. For AircraftExplosionEffect.ini two TGA files are missing:



      Do you have them please ? Thank you


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