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  1. Dear fellow: at the risk of abusing your kindness, I would like to ask you how I can achieve by touching the ini of your MissileInFlightEffect effect that the wake of the AIM-9 or AIM 7P missiles stays longer, that is to say that the missile leaves and the smoke trail stay longer without disappearing
  2. also I know you can't really tell what was TK's last response but would love to hear that
  3. Nah not dlls, of course not. Shaders, lots of things can be tweaked in shaders. Shaders are not core game files I'd say. Tools to automatically adjust things in HFD as the clouds altitude >>maybe<< possible fix I propose. If that is right track and doable. External tool. Injectors are external tools too not binded by any EULA as far as I know. Otherwise I wouldn't be legally able to post my ReShade-enhanced screenshots back in the day I used ReShade in my Korea install. Or fly payware WW1 opus magnum WOFF is. Check WOFF development and CFS3 engine code injectors especially around Phases 2-3-up to Ultimate Edition. Different engines and approach the Unity-based games and SFP1/WOX/SF2, not that I made such point at any stage (about TK "not being into PC anymore"; find it irrelevant) I am the sane person here, I don't talk about rewriting code lol. Think of better ways to spend 50k he wasnts for source code. Tweaking things is possible to an extend. I see alot of people like to throw into air things that are utterly unrealistic at all like A2A refuelling (shees you guys) Things I would like to see in SF2 are to some extend doable. I like to focus on things I would like to see in SF2 :) but let's not steer from Mue's topic here.
  4. Not really PFunk, depends on the scale and exposure. We're niche within niche as the not so accurate saying goes. But consider this -bloody YAP was pirating and reusing stock TK's carrier decks textures for own models and getting cash from selling that and no one in Austin,TX blinked. Heck even Ubi didn't bother about ripped SH4 hull n' portholes textures used on Rising Sun ships.
  5. Enoc what do you mean? Framerates? Nah I think not, you'd end up with unchanged internal pipeline after all.
  6. Dear Blackbird that is something I planned for few years. Specifically to pay from my pocket to some thirdparty HLSL shaders guy for firstly (always take small steps in such cases) simple things like diffuse-derived normalmaps on terrain, better clouds lighting/transformations, maybe some terrain additions etc. This option still stands even with lesser interest in SF2 on my side. Still, I want it upgraded at some point. Because let's be honest upgraded SF2 in VR would be awesome to fly. And I refuse to go back flying in 2d. My testings from past -posted even here at some point in summer of 2016 IIRC- indicate that clouds height pass infamous December 2010-b and 2010-c updates is tied with terrain's encoded maximum altitude in HFD file, matter of hacking the terrains into thinking the max alt is -customizable value-, the engine it seems treats that as base level for clouds height (call it z axis) spawning; the HFD file has range of altitudes the terrain has, say from 0 to 2600 meters, then if the highest value is mountain peak at 2600 meters then the engine apparently adds some values (and those seem not the clouds bases from environmentsystem definition) to push clouds higher and avoid clipping issues with alpha-based objects (sorry TK if you read this Sir, I'm calling this lazy problem solving) As for avionics updates, we have to thank fellow Team America here that booed and called faker the poor chinese (?) guy (MLRacing was the moniker) who hacked the libraries back in the day driving him off from more modding and sharing.
  7. yeah that too, then another one is the vertex counts from terrain's data ini on dynamic TODs spawning, been fiddling with those in the long gone past to hilarious results
  8. SALE: Cold Waters & Atlantic Fleet

    pffft never heard of those
  9. Yes Kevin, basically that allows you to manage TE's memory issues you would encounter when having too large tilenametod.ini files, then TE would simply stop reading from these inis and output empty (zero bytes) TODs or wouldn't write to inis at pressing SAVE button. Also worth mentioning this is what I encountered while working on very dense experimental sort of sets with numbers of per-tile objects in 500-1000 ranges.
  10. my God it's full of necro... (posted because I have nothing to add and just wanted to show my activity)
  11. Wait. Thirdwire made a space game?

    I bought it, still have to install it though. Skyviper is it much different from the mobile version from 2013-ish?

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