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  1. Hi Mike, this looks like another problem, your terrain looks fairly seemless but there's that geometric haze that I don't have in my game. Also, if you have the SFP1 extractor tool, you can get a fresh stock FLIGHTENGINE.ini from FlighData.cat, or just delete or rename your current file and the game will revert to stock settings. I tested some other options, I think my "problem" is when using Stary's new terrain + that horizon edit. Pictures are better than words so... In my post above the screenshots are taken with Stary's Enhanced terrain + Panama Red's Realistic sky, 1st one with far horizon and 2nd one with stock "unlimited" horizon (8km). Now this is stock game with no mods at all except the horizon edit: The transition between "tiles + objects" and "empty tiles" is nearly invisible, because the trees are less visible to start with. Now this is my modded game with Stary's terrain + Panama Red's Realistic sky + horizon fix + the option in Stary's terrain readme to have differently rendered trees (close to the stock rendering like the screenshot above): The transition is hardly visible, but the problem is that the trees are hardly visible as well, compared to Stary's default trees (here with stock 8km horizon): Looks like the options are: -Far horizon, nicely rendered trees, but very visible object clipping in the distance -Far horizon with no object clipping, but nearly transparent trees in the foreground -Nicely rendered trees with no object clipping, but horizon limited to 8km with "fog"
  2. Hi Bandy, could you post a screenshot to see the effect in your game? When I do that edit, the horizon is much more distant but there is "object clipping" with a clear border between the tiles with objects and the empty tiles, like that: With the stock unlimited settings there's that constant smog but it hides the clipping, as far as you can see there's no empty tiles: Still looking for the best of both worlds
  3. FMs Uploaded

    Hi Peter, just wanted to say "thanks" for your great work on the FM/AI and the rest. I finally bought the expansion for FE today and could at last try your last pack with the stock models, very impressive ! Now I need to get enough time to setup all the additionnal planes and to seriously play a campaign, but I'm already totally hooked to FE. If only all the excellent stuff made for that game could be joined in one big "user friendly" pack Cheers !

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