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  1. Engine Sound

    MigBuster is right. Allied Force is a complete package, signed sealed and delivered. If you have tried messing with the sounds options in the sim, aka, Settings or Options, then your next bet would be to contact Lead Pursuit. They are the only way get help on this then I am afraid
  2. Engine Sound

    No worries mate Open your main folder. It's location should be here C:\MicroProse\Falcon4. In there, you will find two things that are very important. One, near the bottom the "Red Viper Config Editor", and two your "Docs" folder which contain manuals and such for helping you out with the current version of the sim. When you first open the config editor, just point the executable box to the exe file in your main folder. It's name is RedViper.exe then your good to modify all those folders in the config editor to your likeing. If you just click the text on an item you get a description of what it does to the right which is very helpful. There is tons more, but the manual in the docs folder will help out with all you will ever want to know about the sim. Now days sims are Not just install and fly, it's all about personalization ;) Your main folder is where this will all happen to with downloaded skins, sounds, etc etc etc! PS. Here there is a FAQ I think about the sim, and also over at the free falcon boards there is a FAQ about your common questions... http://www.freefalcon.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=6
  3. Engine Sound

    PS. Have you tried the Free Falcon boards?? They are more intune to FF specifically with the modders there... http://www.freefalcon.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=2 Also, turning on or off old sound algarithm could do something. This is all in the sound settings for the config editor...
  4. Engine Sound

    I see no one has replyd but seems everyone has reviewed your post so I will give it a go :) Open your config editor for RV and under sound settings, make sure you check the box "SoundSwitchFix". This should fix sound problems you might have. If you already have it checked, uncheck it. Also, turning on or off 3D sound might do something for you. If all those don't help, maybe update your sound card?? Hope this helps!
  5. Simple Mission - Need Recommendations

    Hey, thanks for the quick and helpful replys gentleman. That link helped greatly and had more info on the site than expected! Look forward to using the forum with ya'll. Happy Flying :)
  6. Hey. I am old time simmer from back in 98 and decided to get up and going again. I actually stopped flying about 2 years ago and now want to get back to it. Through the years I flew everything from ATF up through F4 and so definately have been around the block a few times, and made friends with the alley cat, lol. However, I am not wanting anything advanced, super duper, or all that jazz now days. Mainly, I am an F-14 lover, have always been and always wanting a sim that would produce it's experience for me. Low and behold, I came across Aeyes site the other day and he has masterd my dream, a making of the ol gal Tomcat's cockpit for F4 :) This is exactly what I was hoping for and can't wait to get her fired up. I really want to just fly it and fight in it a little, but mainly enjoy and learn it's functions. So, with that background info, here is my question or two... 1. To fly Aeyes cockpit, do I run the original F4 or can I use AF with it's current patch?? 2. Which current mod would be better suited for the cockpit, RV, OF, or AF?? 3. Finally, I know the download locations are always secret and crap, so, is there one single file I can download to get RV, or OF and if so, what would be it's size please? I can do the leg work ;) Thanks for listening and hope you can help out an ol simmer!

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