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  1. Flaming Cliff

    10-4 Thank You for taking the time to reply. I found the disc last week,YAY!!
  2. Flaming Cliff

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this query, so I apologize in advance. Had some computer "issues" and uninstalled all my programs thinking i would be able to reinstall them. Simple in theory. I tried to install LOMAC:Flaming Cliffs from my CD image I've always used and it wouldnt let me without "LockOn.exe" from LOMAC, which i dont have any longer.I have turned my home upside down and cant find either of the discs. The only CD image I didnt erase is Flaming Cliffs, which does no good without the LOMAC disc. Is there anywhere I can find the .exe I need without buying LOMAC for the 3rd time? Thank You for any kind of help

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