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  1. Nun auch in Deutsch

    Jaja! Die hessische Nationalhymne
  2. Nun auch in Deutsch

    Hallo! Und hier ein weiterer Hesse! Begeistert von WO* und den Add-Ons, die hier angeboten werden. Außerdem nach langer Zeit wieder bei Falcon 4.0 im Cockpit. Allerdings Allied Force mit anfänglichen Startproblemen.
  3. Can't start Falcon 4.0 Allied Force

    I'm so sorry! I didn't recognize your link at your first post. Now I can fly. Thanks! I found other topics here and they don't bring the solution.
  4. Can't start Falcon 4.0 Allied Force

    I found one. But it doesn't bring me the help.
  5. Hello! I played in the past Falcon 4.0. A few weeks ago I wanted to fly the F-16 agaon. But with Windows XP Falcon 4.0 doesn't work. So I bought at amazon.de Falcon 4.0 AF. I installed the game, the patches and start it. I've got a black screen but I hear the sound of the intro. Here my tech. Dates: Windows XP Pro with SP3 Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ (3000 MHz) with 2GB RAM Direct X: 9.0c Graphics card: GeForce 8500 GT with 512 RAM All parts are up to date. I also write to the german supporter and Lead Pursuit. This was 9 Days ago. Could somebody helb me? Thanks Joker3112

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