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  1. Spring Festival comes a fresh new aircraft ,that's great! Really nice work !Thank you and wish you a happy Chinese lunar new year !
  2. I see, really appreciate it !
  3. another question: the aircraft tomahawk seems to be p-40b ,can i find the variation like p-40E?
  4. Got it ,thank you very much !
  5. I'd like to find a cool aircraft in WW2 :P-40, but in the download site I only found the add-on skin for P-40,but no aircraft,anyone knows how to get the add on aircraft ?
  6. Strange clouds yesterday,help me!

    Earthquake struck! time: 16:01 ,08-11-22 place: 110.8 W Long.\31.0 N Lat. 秭归[zigui] in hubei province [capital:wuhan] strength:M4.1 Depth to surface :7.5 Km I seriously wonder whether the strange cloud has shown a sign of it ?
  7. Strange clouds yesterday,help me!

    So, you mean the kind of cloud is called :Cumulonimbus capillatus ? (look pretty much alike)
  8. Strange clouds yesterday,help me!

    The theory of pressure seems to make sense,but what worries me is the rumor of coming earthquake .There is a inofficial method to predict the earthquake in near future by watching so called " earthquake cloud". You can check the website earthquake cloud to know more. By the way, I have never seen such a "great wall" before...
  9. Strange clouds yesterday,help me!

    no, but the clouds seems to stretch for hundreds of kilometers,and form a straight line, is it earthquake cloud?
  10. Strange clouds yesterday,help me!

    Yesterday evening , I saw some really strange clouds in the sky,it really scared me ,anyone know what it is? [date:08.11.20 5:30 p.m; place: wuhan,china]
  11. There seems to have quite a long time since the last time I saw news about the project on SU-35, does anyone can tell me the latest news of SU-35 project ?
  12. What an excellent plane ! Good work, keep on showing your talent and skill !! Everybody is eager to see more masterpieces!!!
  13. I want to know when the add-on aircraft SU-35 will be released? or it has been released?
  14. Does anyone know how to change the old sound files of an internal gun[e.g su-27] into new ones?[WOE]

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