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  1. Thanks for the replies, i do get sounds just no speech sounds at all (i.e. Tower, wingman, etc). I have managed to sovle it as it was the EAX function that was causing the lack of these sounds, once I enabled this it all works (although has a crazy echo, but what the hey), again many thanks for your replies.
  2. I have tried and tried and searched and searched, I am fairly new to this much mucking about in the gubbins of games but I get no Radio or speech sounds in the game at all. I get the subtitles but no sounds. I have extracted the soundlist.ini and speechsystem.ini to see if there were any obvious errors and can see none, I have even dowloaded speech packs which replace the speechsystem.ini but this makes no difference. I have tried a clean install, same error and added all patches and hardware drivers. I have also tried changing the amount of channels in game but still makes no difference. the only things i can see are as follows, within the speechsystem.ini file i have the following concerns:- [Concept002] //MSN_SPC_TACC_TRAFFIC, (should this have "//" in front as i thought that meant ignore this line?) Priority=FALSE TargetFragmentID=SPC_TACC_LEAD_CALLSIGN CallerFragmentID=SPC_TACC_TACC_CALLSIGN BodyFragment001=SPC_TACC_TRAFFIC BodyFragment002=SPC_TACC_CLOCK_POS BodyFragment003=SPC_TACC_DISTANCE BodyFragment004=SPC_TACC_ALTITUDE BodyFragment005=SPC_TACC_HEADING And...... [Fragment002] Name=SPC_TACC_LEAD_CALLSIGN NumVariation=35 SpeechFormat=T%dlead%03d.wav (this just looks odd, should it have the % signs in it as the *.wav file it points too does not) All the fragment entries are similar with the % signs. I have searched the knowledge base and am truely out of ideas on how to get this to work, i am running Vista 32-bit, SB Sound Audigy card and latest drivers. Please help or advise
  3. I have the exact same problem and having checked all these things i have got back engine sounds and missile growls (at last) but i dont have any radio messages, the subtitles appear but no sound, please help as this makes the game a bit dull

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