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  1. Hi Craig, Just to confirm, you did each of the instructions below ? ------------------------------- Do a clean SFP1 installation install SP4 rename the folder as "Falkland 1982" delete missions - folder delete campaigns - folder delete /objects/decals - folder delete /objects/aircraft - folder delete /objects/groundojects - folder delete /objects/weapons - folder copy the unpacked files into your "Falkland 1982" folder open the \Falkland 1982\Flight\MedalsUK.ini correct the lines -> Citation=E:\Falkland 1982\Flight\FlightUKMedalVC.txt with your installation-path open the \Falkland 1982\Flight\MedalsARG.ini correct the lines -> Citation=E:\Falkland 1982\Flight\FlightUKMedalARG.txt with your installation-path -------------------------------- And you noted this: -------------------------------- single mission year is 1983 - because the only British base was build in May - if you have a mission date before 29th May - the game CTD - self created missions (with mission date) will work normally - you have to take off from a carrier before 29th May -------------------------------- I'm a newbie and got it up going pretty easily as per above..... Good luck, Pete

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