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  1. Hi, Guys. This week I'm playing with TK's terrain editor for the first time. I'm following Gerpard's tutorials in the KB and also "data mining" here and on the Thirdwire forums. However, I could still use some help! 1. The Terrain Editor crashes every time I try and save an *.hfd. I've double checked all the *.ini changes as per Gerpard's tutorials. Again, I'm using WoI (and I d/l the TextureListWOI.ini from the TW forums). Do I need some other files? Somewhere I thought I read that WoI needs the desert.cat, but I'm not sure (with everything else I've looked at) where I saw that. 2. Provided I get that working, do I need to do any other settings early in the process to be able to add seasons later? Are season even possible in WoI? Anyway, I'm ure I'll have many more question, but I need to get past #1 first. Thanks, Ranger
  2. The SA-3 will be hard to beat. This is stock WoI, but it is pretty good, if I do say so myself (of course, TK deserves all the credit for a pretty sim!). click to enlarge
  3. I'm guessing the patch fixed the sim's FM engine and the FM models of the stock WoI aircraft. It wouldn't fix the FM model of add-on aircraft. Someone who's smarter than I am will have to fix the Mossie's FM model to keep it from going into uncontrollable spins, now. Ranger

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