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  1. Brilliant! Thanks SupGen You have no idea how many time I've checked ini files and reloaded this mod over the last couple of days. I knew it was terrain related but couldn't figure out what. Thanks again! Paul
  2. Guys, Just loaded this campaign mod. When select noon in single mission I get a night mission, when I select night I get a noon mission. Also the instant action defaults to a sea map?? Most of the other options default to anight mission as well. Using Win7 and used the SF2 Europe as my base exe file. Anybody else getting this or have solved the problem? Thanks Paul
  3. Something not working for me following my install. All missions on the Korea map are at night and instant action is always over the sea, at dusk or at night. Anyone had any similar problems? Thanks Paul
  4. Sorted! I copied the files from my Korea mod folder in to the Israel folder and the cockpits are back.
  5. The cockpit folder files are all there. I compared the folders with the file I have in the Korea mod and they are the same. The cockpit shows up in the Korea mod but not in the Israel mod. Thanks Paul
  6. Guys, I have a merged install on win 7 64 bit. When I select the FA 18 E of F.. haven't tried the others but there is no cockpit panel etc. visible with the 2 I have tried, HUD is there. Same aircraft works fine in the Korea Mod and I've checked the files in both mods and they are indentical. Any hints as to how I resolve this? Thanks Paul
  7. Yes, that's pretty much where I am. Plenty of stock aircraft to keep me occupied
  8. Thanks. I tried your suggestion out, no luck . Still disappear when the cockpit view moves above the waht appars to be a transition in the sky graphic. Cheers Paul
  9. Guys, Really getting back into the saddle with this sim after long time away and BIG thanks to those who design and develop the many mods that are now available. Took me a while to re-learn the mod installation process for SF2 but am now completely up to speed with it all. Some issues I am experiencing at the moment relate to cockpits disappearing. i guess a brief summary of how I have the sim set up may help. Running at 1920 x 1200 graphics set to unlimited. Track IR 4 with the Version 5 software. Cougar MFDs and thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS. I have the combo version of SF2 and theatre has its own mod folder set up. I have a GTX 295 nVidia card using drivers: 262.99 XP 32bit. Also running the HDR Mod 1.01A. SF December 2010 c update Running 4x AA The Problem: When flying and I look up or go into a steep climb the interior cockpit vanishes along with the tracking cues for the enemy aircraft. This only seems to happen with some (I haven't had time to fly them all yet) modded aircarft that have been installed. If I then look to to the left or right I see the sideof the cockpit and the aircraft wings, but when my view is centered I only see the hud data. has anaybody else experienced this? Is there a solution? Thanks Paul
  10. Guys, Problem sorted. Installing the three most recent updates has solved the problem. I did note that the files were changed from bmp to jpg. Looks as though that was the problem. Cheers Paul
  11. SF2 fully merged install WOE/WOV/WOI. Hi Dave, Yes the menu folder is there with the required files. Not sure why they aren't loading. Thanks Paul
  12. Guys, Need a little advice here. I have a full merged install. I've loaded NF4+ by creating the additional mod folders (XP version) using the renamed .exe file. Copied all the WOE files into the new mod file folders and then installed the NF4 files (still to add the latest NF4 updates). Also added a modded .ini file in the main program file (not sure this is needed?) My menu screens are still the stock WOE screens. I am assuming that this is due to the merged install and that the CAT file is pointing the program to the original WOE menu screen? All the aircraft are present and working as far as I can see. Is there any way to enable the NF4main menu screens in a merged install? Searched the KB but couldn't find and answer. Thanks Paul
  13. My experience is that whilst the planes I've tried do 'work' I am having problems with the HUD displays on the modded aircraft. F15C doesn't display the altitude ladder, no cockpit seats and a 50% drop in frame rate for example I'm confident that there are a bunch of extremely talented people who who have the skills and knowledge to resolve these issues, given time, but until then I will continue to use NATO fighters on the SFP1 WOE. I using a merged install with Dec 09 patch. Cheers Paul

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