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  1. Jail is well done for the Fruit Picker or everyone who is thinking to do the same. Two months ago a 8 year old boy was caught trying to blind pilots reaching Congonhas Airport here in São Paulo. The boy was doing this every night for months until police finally identify the source at the top of a building and for their surprise was a 8 year old kid. A lot of reports was written by airline pilots about how dangerous and distracting the laser is at final approach. So,don´t think 4 month in jail is too much because hundreds of lifes are in danger right now and safety flight authorities are predicting that sooner or later we will have a tragedy because this (laser poiting at aircraft) is becoming a "funny" joke for idiots around the world.
  2. Are you guys doing deal with 777 games?

    That´s too bad, Dante. But I´m sure a good publisher will support your efforts soon. Keep up your great work!
  3. Are you doing deal with 777 games?If this is true,we probably will have Jet Thunder early than we thought.
  4. That´s the best Avia/Me 109 model I have seen so far. It surpasses a lot Il2 models.
  5. Will we have a release this year?

    So, if it´s not for this year, take your time, just don´t drop it , it seems too good even in a unfinished state.
  6. Will we have a release this year?

    Well, I think it´s not totally out of reason ask for a release this xmas or even a demo perhaps? ( I´m so amused by the CGI in the Falklands documentary that I cannot wait anymore) Go for it, guys, I think everybody will show our support for your work.
  7. How can I fix the effects ,HUD and afterburners?
  8. History Channel Falklands Air War

    Those CGI are all from Jet Thunder? WHY you don´t relelease it? PLEASE!
  9. Flying Red

    Hi, Stingray. I´m at the office right now,so I´ll try to look at this tonight to answer your post. ~S~
  10. Well, UnknowPilot I don´t really thimk that the terrain in SF2 series is the best in the market,even if the models are beaultiful enough. If you take a look at the screenshots of upcoming titles, you will see that slowly SF series are beeing dated ( take a look in the cockpit shots of the tiger moth from Storm of war , for example,it´s another level of graphics. If the bar is raised too much, the suspension of disbelief of older titles may become difficult and you ends loosing interest. It´s my perception of things, it´s opened to discussion , and not a personal attack to TK or Thirdwire.
  11. A SF3 title with graphics like DCS,Wings of Prey or even Rise of Flight it´s my dream with TK series , because no matter what kind of sim I play , I always come back here, all these years. But I also understand that those titles are fruit of team work , not by a person alone like TK does. I´m worried about the future of the series because of what I am seeing now, all those big teams delaying so much their titles,struggling with the increasing difficulties of programming titles almost photographic in their image quality ( look to DCS A10 Warthog and say WHOW!) And TK, with all his talent (and I mean real talent) it´s just one man, not the superman. I like very much the huge scope of this series,the ability to fly a wide choice of aircraft and weapons, like if you are FLYING a digital encyclopedia of aerial combat. But the man needs to catch the tecnology to not be too much dated. I hope I don´t need to fly in some Vietnam third party mod for Storm of War for example, who is promising to embrace all eras of flying after it´s lauching,( a Korea mod it´s already promised) because I like very much the open nature of SF2 world, but I believe strongly that sometime, TK (thirdwire), like other well succeed little companies, will have to choose beetween to grow up it´s company or stay behind.
  12. It´s an add-on plane? Or it´s part of a new title?Any inside info?
  13. Flying Red

    Exausted that hit effect seems different from mine.Are you using some new effects mod?
  14. Flying Red

    Stingray wht you need to edit to fly Mig 21 is: 1-locate in the mod folder ,in the canpaign file , CAMPAIGNNV11 2-open this file , you will find CAMPAIGNNV11.INI, open it. 3-in notepad scroll down until you find VPAF unit list 4-change NVietnamUnit001 and NvietnamUnit 004 changing aircraft type to Mig-21F(001) and Mig-21PFM(004)

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