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    I'm a 14 year old boy who loves to fly jet fighters!<br /><br />Player of :<br /><br />USAF - achieved 600+ advanced fighter kills =)<br />IAF<br />WOI<br />WOV<br />SFP1<br />


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  1. Formation.zip

  2. SU-30KN vs. F-15A

    lol thats why when I used my MiG-29 i shoot a F-16 with AA-10 Alamo it homed on the ECM emission. lol.
  3. SU-30KN vs. F-15A

    earlier my enemy was a F-15C Baz AUP. He while I was about 100km infront of him (we were facing each other at that time) but i don't know whts the equivalent range of that into miles. He fired an AMRAAM at me and i breaked hard left then dumped some chaffs, but i wasted all of my chaffs still my RWR is still on the missle lock tone. btw i have not equipped my SU-30KN with Gardeniya ECM pods at that time.
  4. hmmm i think USAF is not good at vista. i played it here on my machine and it runs fine however i cant get in the game settings or options it seems it is having issues regarding vista. try using xp, it performs best on that OS. btw, try running it on xp compatibility settings. also where did u get superpro mod9.4? ive been hounding the net for that =\
  5. SU-30KN vs. F-15A

    hey guys, new guy here on the forums. i want to get help about evading the AIM-7 sparrows and AIM-120's of the F-15's on WOI. Ive been having trouble lately on evading them. I tried to throw as many chaffs as i could but no luck. i tried also pointing the back of my plane on -15 degrees so that the missile would catch the chaffs and still no luck at this. any ideas?
  6. Anti Radiation Missiles

    i think for ur game it only support dx9 even though u patch it. like wht viper said is true, it doesnt need a lock to aim at the target. it will just ride at the signal of the SAM radar to hit it.
  7. WOE multiplayer

    i wanna know wht the experiece wud be like if playing woi on hamachi i havent played throught that client for ages nw
  8. WOE multiplayer

    hmm can we play woi on hamachi??? jus asking =)
  9. Version


    well this is my first upload here in CA. i hope u like it guys! INSTRUCTIONS: copy/paste or just extract directly on the sounds folder
  10. File Name: SoundPack (RWR/IRMSounds) File Submitter: vince269 File Submitted: 15 Mar 2009 File Category: SF/WO*/FE Sound Mods well this is my first upload here in CA. i hope u like it guys! INSTRUCTIONS: copy/paste or just extract directly on the sounds folder Click here to download this file
  11. k ill try to apply the patch but i like to do some configs if the patch didnt work
  12. hey guys i really love WOV but I moved to vista now and i got no xp cd, the old thread is deleted i think and when i ran WOI on vista it runs fine but when the mission is over, it goes back to desktop. hw cn i fix tis?

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