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  1. LOL. You chaps crack me up :-) Unc.......not sure I can remember the commands for the Model T.......but am pretty sure that shift+c opened the roof, and it might be shift & B that opened the doors IIRC. Try it out and see how you get on. I tried to make it all based around the stock cockpit and bomb door commands. Seems so long ago now. Nurse Gladys, there's an old flame worth looking up again ;-). I'll get her number off of the Officers Mess notice board. Ahem!! Good to hear you're all faring well. Speak to you soon.
  2. Hello Chaps, Just dropped by to say hello and see how you are all doing. Glad to see you are all still busy beavering away with OFF, although how you manage it still amazes me. Things here are good. Work is still the busiest I've ever been......but has turned out to be a really enjoyable job. Still cycling......despite the lungs and legs needing replacing after every ride LOL. Family is great, and we've just got back from two weeks in Devon where we even experienced some sunshine!! I hope all is well with you and your nearest and dearest. Keep up the good work fella's. Cheers Nod
  3. What are flares for?

    When you use them in conjunction with the other keyboard commands they 'work' a treat. For example..........to tell your wingman to attack, pop off a flare, press A, and check out your wingy........he'll signal back to you that he's going to have a go at the enemy by firing off a flare also. That's because CFS3 was coded so that any fighter wingmen drop any bombs before they attack other aircraft, the flares are loaded up as bombs in the xdp, so before they attack they let one go..........for the purpose of immersion in OFF it's a great function.

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