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  1. Taps for Multiplayer

    von Baur, as per your items 1-3 above: Item 1: I fixed all the invisible aircraft with the assistance of Stumpjumper and made the files available to all who played MP with us. The OFF developers never acknowledged or returned our emails about this. Item2: This problem still exists and is related to the low speeds these aircraft fly at and the increased level of detail of the OFF aircraft. This phenomena is absent from the original CFS3 and it's expansions because the WW2 aircraft fly much faster and the level of detail of the aircraft is much, much lower than the OFF models. Item3: Lag is pretty much completely eliminated by disabling virus programs while running OFF in multiplayer, especially on the host machine. Unfortunately most people had quit showing up for MP sessions by the time we discovered this. Developer solution 1: Too bad the OFF devs won't investigate the online code to see if it could be improved upon. If a few multiplayer issues could be fixed in the code, they would certainly put Rise of Flight out of business and OFF would be the definative WW1 sim online as well as single player. All OFF developers would then become rich and retire to their own private island in the South Pacific. Developer solution 2: Give us aircraft models with drastically reduced levels of detail that are either manually or automatically selected for flight when flying multiplayer. How hard could this be?
  2. Taps for Multiplayer

    Sorry Deadmeat, multiplayer has been confirmed dead in this sim. It was wonderful while it lasted but interest has faded away plus the old Microsoft multiplayer engine cannot handle the improvements that the OFF team have put into this game, not to mention other multiplayer issues that exist in OFF. Still it's the best single player WW1 sim ever, and Phase 4 might add a new dimension to that if and when it ever gets released. For multiplayer I suggest you download Rise of Flight. The full version is free now with 2 aircraft to fly, you'll have to buy other aircraft as you see fit. It works very well in multiplayer and many squadrons currently fly it and are always looking for new members. I've had my eye on Phase 4 for the last 1-1/2 years. If it gets released and people here report that multiplayer still works, and some people here want to try it again, I'll buy it and give it a go again. But I'm not holding my breath anymore!
  3. Taps for Multiplayer

    It's not a problem Polovski. We had Phase 3 working quite well at one point and I believe multiplayer has just run it's course. It was a great ride while it lasted and good times were had by all. I asked for 6 firm comittments and I would begin holding sessions again, but got only 4 people interested. Maybe interest will perk up again when Phase 4 is finally released. That's assuming multiplayer issues aren't present on the new release. I'm still undecided on a Phase 4 purchase as single player doesn't interest me much anymore. I'm flying WW2 in a highly modded version of IL-2 1946 with the Boys of 60. We are looking for a few good men to join us for coop allied missions. Anyone interested?
  4. Securom-- How to get rid of it?

    Best to use a version of IL-2 1946 that does not have securerom.
  5. There are three versions of IL-2 1946 that can be purchased WITHOUT securerom. The downloadable versions from Ubisoft and the downloadable version from gog.com contain no secure rom because there's no disk involved. Also the retail disk version that shows "T" for teen rating on the cover has no securerom protection.
  6. Another Format :(

    Blue screens of death can, and often are, hardware faults or intermittent hardware failures. Don't disount the fact that you may have a component defect. Problems with DVD drives, video cards, and add in sound cards can sometimes cause these.
  7. Taps for Multiplayer

    Once we get 6 firm committments to join, I'll post the necessary files and install sequence. There will then be a "test" session to see that everyone can connect before flight day. This is to insure that on flight day we can jump right in to flying and not have to waste time sorting out mismatches when we all just want to fly. Here's hoping we get the turnout for this to happen.
  8. Taps for Multiplayer

    Herr Prop-Wasche, it would be good to have you in MP. We only use the standard damage model however and this is not flexible. We used yours at one point, but that proved to be a hassle because you were always changing it and we were spending more time sorting out mismatches than we were flying. If we get this going again you're welcome to give it a try if you can return your install to original and put in the required extras (none of which affect single player functioning). We have a slightly modded version we fly but it's pretty easy to get up to our install IF you install, patch and add-on in a certain order. Getting a new player sorted is sometimes a challenge but so far we have an excellent record of success. You can always join a session or a flight in progress. If we get the requisite number of firm pledges to restart this, I'll again post the install procedure and required downloads for our game.
  9. Taps for Multiplayer

    Tks Vasco. Three down and three more to go!
  10. Taps for Multiplayer

    OK Simon. I will count us both in for the return. That makes two. Four more to go!
  11. Taps for Multiplayer

    There's nobody to blame except ourselves, we all let this fine Brotherhood of exceptional multiplayer pilots die out of our own disinterest. In the summer months many found other things to do and never returned. Vasco got a new job and honestly, I just forgot to check and see if there was ever a game up. After all, very few if any were flying anymore anyway. I know many were lost to RoF, but there's people like me who won't buy it. I just can't support that kind of DRM and money-hungry marketing. Is that a $200 sim yet? It could all return as easily as it ended, if enough interest were pledged again. I for one am tired of making missions and mini-campaigns and having no one show up to fly them. Maybe Phase 4 will stir up some new interest (if MP works in the new product). So if anyone wants to revive OFF multiplayer, just add your pledge here. If there's an interest of six players or more, I'll start up a Saturday session again. If not... well Ax, I'll see you in the WW2 skies of IL-2 with the Boys of 60! Don't miss the New Years Day MP Marathon! IL-2 WW1 is a reality:
  12. Songs for the Mess

    A different era, but war is timeless as far as the young men who fought in them were concerned. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyetqMqClMc When I was a bachelor, I liv'd all alone I worked at the weaver's trade And the only, only thing that I ever did wrong Was to woo a fair young maid. I wooed her in the wintertime And in the summer, too And the only, only thing that I did that was wrong Was to keep her from the foggy, foggy dew. One night she came to my bedside When I was fast asleep. She laid her head upon my bed And she began to weep. She sighed, she cried, she damn near died She said what shall I do? So I hauled her into bed and covered up her head Just to keep her from the foggy foggy dew. So, I am a bachelor, I live with my son and we work at the weaver's trade. And every single time that I look into his eyes He reminds me of that fair young maid. He reminds me of the wintertime And of the summer, too, And of the many, many times that I held her in my arms Just to keep her from the foggy, foggy, dew.
  13. OT: Wings of Prey updated for more options

    Could someone who's running the PC version of this answer some questions for me? 1. Does this come on disk(s) or do you have to download it? 2. What kind of DRM does it force on you? 3. Do you have to be logged on to some shady server to play? 4. Can you turn off that damn music while flying? TIA

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