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  1. Thanks Dreamstar. It works.
  2. Well i have tested your aircraft and it is awsome. The talon is one of my favorite aircraft too. I only have one problem: when i go les than 500 knots the wings and tails go to position as i was going supersonic. When i go more than 500 knots they open up like i was going les than supersonic. Simple explenation: the wing function is the other way around. Maybe it is just me or my game, any ideas?
  3. Any FSX pilots here?

    Scrach that, im gonna stick to acceleration.
  4. Any FSX pilots here?

    Can i have space shuttle and acceleration installed at the same time? All in one. Open the game and evreything in one single game(shuttle missions and carrier ops)
  5. Any FSX pilots here?

    I love FSX (i have the deluxe edition), but dosent the acceleration expansion pack have big bugs?
  6. I just got microsoft flight simulator x deluxe, and i found out that there are expansion packs. The first one that caught my attention was space shuttle and the second one was acceleration. I read on wikipedia that acceleration has a few big bugs. Now i wanna just ask if i install the space shuttle expansion can i still add the military aircraft and other addons to the game and be able to take of a military aircraft carier and fly comercial airliners and other planes? (at least i think i can) What about the other content in the acceleration expansion like races and stuff, can it be added without installing the acceleration expansion pack? Sorry guys if i am anoying, i am just a n00b trying to make my way in the universe lol But i rather ask, then make a big mistake and have big problems.
  7. STORM thanks again. NO CRASHES AT ALL!!!
  8. Thanks for the info STORM. Next time i´ll go straight to the knowlege base. I´ll see if this will fix the problem.
  9. I hope you guys will be able to help me with this one. When i play WOE (it also happend with WOI) and i finnish a mission, succesfully or failed, the game always crash at the end or if i press ESC in mission. The game just closes and pops me back to the desktop. No not responding sing, no error, nothing at all. Sometimes it goes well and it dosen´t crash. My specs: Samsung R60 Plus Laptop: -Windovs vista ultimate SP1 (64 bit) -Intel Core2 T5450 (1.66 GHz) -160 GB hard disk -2 GB of memory -ATI Radeon Xpress 1200 Series -Sound: Realtek High Definition Audio (with EDS) -A few mods in WOE (aircraft, weapon pack 2, i don´t play WOI anymore) Please help.
  10. Engines

    Interesting. Whell at least i can go 1800kts. Thanks fpr the info.
  11. Engines

    One more thing. I tried to make the jet go faster. I got to 2180 knots and then the jet went on fire and exploded. Overheated or what?
  12. Engines

    He sead to throw out the beer coller! Is he insane!? I just bought the damn thing! LOL U forgot 1 thing. Don´t use the parachute, it is too heavy.
  13. Engines

    Thanks for the info guys. I aded the drop tanks (or DP) option to the weapon stations.
  14. How can i meak engines to not use so much fuel? I use a jet that is super fast and it eats up fuel like i have a 1L can of fuel. Please respond.
  15. Could someone please make a weapon pack that containes the weapons from stealth? Don´t now if i spelled it right though

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