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  1. FSX aero team

    Hi, I am making an aero team and I need another pilot for either wing or lead email if intrested wellsprop@live.co.uk
  2. Jetways are all standard
  3. AeroExpo Virtual

    Hi all, I would like to know wether anyone would like to come to a virtual AeroExpo on either the 25th 26th or 27th of June 2010 using FSX multiplayer. It will be at Wycombe Air Park/Booker (EGTB) come to my website and have a look. http://wellspropsfli...irtual-aeroexpo AeroExpo London 2010 http://www.expo.aero/london/ There is not much to that post at the moment because I dont know wether there is any interest....I really hope there is! Regards, Ben. P.S. I'm sorry-and embarresed-if I posted this in the wrong place I just couldnt find something marked multiplayer.
  4. Combat Air Patrols

    Thank-you for your comments I am know unconfused :)
  5. Reviewing the Logitech G940

    From what I have seen and heard there are some major problems using it with FSX but it does work (I think)
  6. Hi all, I would like to know if Britain does combat air patrols or wether they just do intercepts. Anyone know??? Regards, wellsprop.
  7. FSX Multiplayer website

    Hi all, I have just created a new website it is for organizing BIG events on FSX multiplayer and to make the events big we need lots of members, so I am asking you to come along and join then we will have a massive flying meeting on multiplayer. Here is my site address: http://wellspropsflightsimming.webs.com/
  8. Hi, Me and my mates think that one of the aircraft missing from FSX is the Grob Tutor me being an air cadet and a couple of my friends being RAF pilots who are currently learning to fly thin kthat it would be awsome to have one that has a decent virtual cockpit and good handling. So if anyone out there is good at designing flight sim aircraft that is your challenge.
  9. FSX LAN problems

    Ah problem solved
  10. Modding the X52

    try using a longer and or harder spring......u can buy them off ebay really cheap
  11. FSX LAN problems

    Hi, I have been wanting to use a LAN connection on FSX multiplayer and it wont work. I create a session and it doesnt show up in my mates multiplayer lobby. its driving me, and him, crazy please help me!!! thanks
  12. Modding the X52

    HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I have got my X52 and its amazing i dont think that there is a deadzone, although i do have the X52 pro. HELP ALL the buttons on the stick have a mind of there own and they very rarely work or they are constantly on!!!PLEASE HELP!!!thanks.
  13. Modding the X52

    Im have ordered mine and it should be here tomorrow. I CANT WAIT!!! so i havent tested it out yet but i have used them at other places they seem to work fine there when i get mine im gunna giv it 1 test then, if im not satisfied i will make that mod. thanx for the info.
  14. Grob Tutor

    Recently i flew a RAF Grob Tutor and I loved it so much i decided to download a FSX one and i have looked all over for a Grob Tutor (RAF or civi) and i havent found one model which has a decent virtual cockpit IT IS SO ANOYING!!! If you have one or know if there is a download (payware or freeware) please tell me. fanx.

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