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  1. Help please ......!

    Thanks Tailspin,I think that sorted it......I might see if that solves my XP problem with it too,just out of interest.
  2. Help please ......!

    Thanks, but I have no mods added,and never did have...and yes,I've uninstalled and reinstalled already,both on Vista and XP SP3[which I assure you it does affect,although I've not tried the mentioned fix on that at the moment as I uninstalled it when I put it on the Vista machine],using the same files for both. I have followed the instructions exactly. From that I'm beginning to wonder if the expansion pack downloaded correctly,although I've not seen it cause any problems in-game except for the Esc problem,so I would think that is unlikely,but possible,but I don't want to pay for another download. Looks like I might have to run it without the expansion pack added,which makes it a bit pointless buying it,unless anyone can think of anything else to help.
  3. Help please ......!

    I have exactly the same problem,and have tried the same fix,and it had no effect whatsoever,although on Instant Action I do go to the Debrief screen[why just that mode only? Is that a clue?],but not on other modes. This isn't just a Vista problem,as it happened on my XP machine as well. Also,I noticed that it only started happening after I installed the Expansion Pack. Has anybody got any other ideas that might help,please?

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