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  1. AC-130 replacement

    Would make no sense since the damage current laser can inflict is to little if nothing compared to a 25mm/40mm/105mm weapon pack. In so far I have heard the only platform for laser weapon on an aircraft is a modified Boing 747.
  2. Don't know if this right place to post this but her goes The Royal Danish Airforce (RDAF) F100s is in Wings over Europe in the game equiped with a refueling probe, this was however never installed on any of the Danish F100s, the RDAF did recieve them with the planes but they were now never used. Futhermore have some suggestion to adding of new aircraft to RDAF if a NATO fighter III is ever gonna be made. ESK724 was equipped with HAWKER HUNTERS F.Mk.51 from 1956-1974. One could also take in the F35 DRAKEN which was used from 1970 by ESK725 and retired in 1991. ESK729 also used the DRAKEN but it was a recon version with several cameras (four if my memory serves me right) installed in the nose. The RF35 was retired in 1993. I have seen a version of the DRAKEN at colemn5 but its a Swedish intercepter version which have one gun and is radar equipped the Danish Draken was a fighterbomber version and had two 30mm cannons and no radar. Hope anyone can use this
  3. Hello have just got my copy of Wings over Europe/ COLD WAR: Soviet invasion. Have installed the sep2008 update and then tried to install nato fighters this went ok but problem is that I have no weapons/pods/droptanks to select from or equip my aircrafts with, netiher in single missions nor campaign even instant action just leaves me with guns :(. Same thing contunies when installing NATO fighters II can fly all the aircraft and all that but no weapons or nothing besides guns???? Does anyone have an idea to the nature of the problem???

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