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  1. COD6: Modern Warfare 2 Out this Year

    I'm actually kinda glad Infinity Ward got the CoD franchise back. CoD 5 was more of what I would expect from a Medal of Honor series of games. All the weapons textures seemed more toy-like than previous CoD games to me. And yea, I'm REALLY glad that they went back to modern warfare, WW2 shooters arent few and far enough between anymore. And once you got the flamethrower on CoD 5, there was pretty much no point in playing anymore, because it would own pretty much anything on the map.
  2. Has anyone ever thought about modding the X-4 missiles in IL-2 and making them a homing weapon instead of a wire guided, and if its already been done, can someone point me to it?
  3. How do you set the altitude to American measurements, mine are all European ie: kilometers per hour and meters height
  4. The Cobra Maneuver

    no, not exactly the same thing, its more of a go veritcal quickly and make the enemy overshoot you and get on his tail as he does.
  5. The Cobra Maneuver

    I'm a little new here, but I play the IL-2 series of games alot. Keep in mind though, this game only uses the older WW2 era planes that only have guns. Against AI's this almost always works because they aren't smart enough yet to see this coming. The Cobra, I think, is best used in an agile one engined fighter against, say, a guy flying a two engined fighter like the Bf-110. Using it against anything else, one on one is just plain suicidal. Although there was one experience: I was in a Bf-109 with a Spit on my tail. I slowed down, dipped and dodged, dropped my flaps when i hit 250 kph, zoomed up, redlined my engines and climbed pretty quick. Now what I didn't see was a guy flying a Zero coming in from high and behind. I went to the external camera and I saw what ended up being a mid-air between the Spit and the Zero. SO other than that one experience, I've never had any other use for the maneuver, i usually can't dodge the bullets enough to save my own skin or my plane.

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