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  1. Operation Odyssey Dawn 2.0 HD Part 1

    Im to using the latest winrar and the 7zip, allways get and error wich seem to be more like broken rar parts. Im using chrome but i have tryed with IE to and no different result and im from Slovenian if that might help. I have this issues for longer time when downloading files here. You guys should really think of adding mirrors like from dropbox or mediafire. Please, it cant be so hard to add mirrors to sites that are proven to offer downloads worldwide without issues. I would mirror them myself if i could download them.
  2. Operation Odyssey Dawn 2.0 HD Part 1

    Was waiting for this long time. Any chance for mediafire mirrors? Im allways getting problems with combatace downloads, especially bigger ones.
  3. Yeah i know how is it there, im 3d artist to but i dont have time and no experience on planes as im building mostly racing cars for games. Thought before each purchase each model can be checked up to from turbosquid stuff that can make more screens of those models to and how are they textured and so on.
  4. Most of licenses are so that you can distribute it to but it has to be in safe format and you cannot resell it. Nice F22 http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/715534 C-17 http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/775127 I know there are plenty of F-16 in sf2 but still very low poly, here i found one nice http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/773134 What is actually the polycount for sf2 models?
  5. Hey all, Is anybody here interested to do models into game if i buy them on sites like turbosquid? I guess this is allowed here? I would look for textured ones in some normal polycount and there are tons of them actually.
  6. I didnt mean that bms is better in quality or anything like that. What i mean is that BMS made far bigger step to update the game engine than TW did from sf1 to sf2. BMS still looks old but its amasing what they did with such old game engine. TW is a company and i have to say that i personally was completly disapointed with sf2 progress overall. Beside new terrain(nothing amasing actually) that is available only SF2NA the game is nothing new was more of rippoff to customers. Thats just my opinion, i know many see it different to but they could do it better. The rendering engine should simply be rewritten at some point or made completly from scratch as for the quality that it offers fps is far from where it should be. While some think that simply C++ coding could do the thing is wrong. Rendering engine here is at the end and it seems that TW didnt want to go again from zero or completly redo it but i doubt to that source code will be available at any point now, especially as they are still in bussines. If there are some C++ guys around im sure they would think of rather doing something new, it would be there game afterall to and with game engines like unity or unreal far more can be done with modern standarts and far less work.
  7. Sf2 game engine seem to be completly worn out, graphics on how they are with the fps how much you get them are completly dated. While some new additions to the game could be done or improved its not worthed anymore to update it for small stuff while the sales wouldnt go up. The only solution would be to make a new game engine and there seem to be alot game engines available that far more could be done. BMS actually did better job updating that old falcon game than TW did from sf1 to sf2.
  8. @SupGen thx, i didnt know this part is only added by the loadout.ini. I thought they are on as default.
  9. Hi guys, i need small help. Dont know if i missed something or so but i dont get those external fuel tanks on the fuselage.
  10. Hi, just wondering if anybody made its own 2011 libya campaing and would share it? Ive used search but got no results on that. there is great terrain i would like to have some campaing for it to if posibile. Thx

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