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  1. Biohaz DW File area to be enabled

    Are custom skins a pretty easy thing to do in DW? I think it would be neat to have some really detailed skins of the helo.
  2. DW just went gold and preorders are being taken! Stop by http://www.battlefront.com for details!
  3. Preorders soon!!!!

    Sounds good to me, just looking forward to some friendly competition once I get the hang of the game.
  4. Sub Accident Pics

    We've got a collection of photos on the SW site if you want to check them out. http://seawolves.org/fleets/ssn/anchor/index.shtml.htm
  5. Preorders soon!!!!

    hehe, it's on I'm in the Seawolves, and we're looking for new members for DW if you guys are interested? If not, that's totally cool.
  6. Preorders soon!!!!

    Hey now Beer, SubSim guys aren't all that bad lol. Looking forward to playing though. You interested in an online fleet?

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