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  1. Hey all! New to the forums and also considering to buy first eagles.


    For years I was under the impression that WW1 flight sims were dead, but hey, here you guys are. I have played a lot of RB3d and later on I tried full canvas jacket (never got it to work properly though). My question for you is, does first eagles have such an immersive dynamic campaign as RB3d did (especially with beery's super patch, man that was a cool game). I'm really looking for that feel, where you get the idea of being part of a bigger thing. You know, where you start out as a low feldwebel as the last guy in a flight of three and try to work yourself up to flight leader and eventually to squadron captain. Where you get transfered to active fronts and may encouter different aces and such. Further I would like to know how the damage model and the AI are in this game. It should be very hard to bring down a kite. but with RB3d I got the impression that it was all a bit to easy (bringing down about 3 kites per mission). Well, I hope you guys can help me out, because it's been far to long since I've played a proper combat flight sim. I've even started building my own trackIR (using freetrack :biggrin: ) in anticipation.




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