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  1. Apache and Apache Longbow Assault in 1920x1200? ..... Yes just what the title states... I have both of these awesome games !!! I remember I once searched all over for an update or some type of work around.... I finally figured out how to load the game in 1920x1200 ...... but ...... there is a glitch !!! I don't think that the cockpits can stretch to fill the widescreen and the game loads fine but the cockpit is missing !!! These games are not that graphics demanding but when I first purchased them I didn't have a PC that could handle smooth play, so I never finished these games... and now that I finally have a MONSTER... I cannot figure out how to play the game in widescreen properly... The game natively supports 1600x1200 resolution (highest)!!! but my issue is that my 1920x1200 monitors don't have the ability to NOT stretch the screen while playing.... so... if I try to play at the 1600x1200 resolution the screen gets stretched and ruins the graphics completely.... If some of you don't know about this game.... I think that it is a lot like Strike Fighters Series (flight simulator) in a sense that the graphics are really good and the simulation as well... it is not extremely complex and most importantly it is a FUN helicopter game !!! Please if anyone knows of any possible fix to the game or my monitor issue please help me out... I'll greatly appreciate it... I really, really want to play this fine game !
  2. Here we go.... In order to properly play.... Hamachi Room: WOV5 Pass: wov5 Best for MULTIPLAYER !!! (WOV Patch... 05.15.06a.... AND WOV Patch 08.30.06) Must be installed in order !!! Following posts are for AIRCRAFT !!! (In order to be compatible have the same aircraft ready !!!) Berkut83
  3. Thank You friend.... I might post a question there about the technical aspect... :) But, I still have to ask... Since I want to know if any mods exist or have ever existed for this game.... Personally, I haven't seen anything better that these two games in the helicopter sim area... It might me a "light sim" but it sure is a game of value... I am surprised there was never a huge fan base initially after the game came out... I own every single flight sim that ever came out between 1996 - 2006... Ever since... there are no sim games whatsoever ((with the exception of Rise of Flight (which by the way has been out for about 2 months here and I still don't see it on store shelves!?!?!?!?))..... !!!! If anyone knows anything about this game just post a reply... That way I'll at least know that someone out there loves this game.... This game reminds me of the Thunderstrike series which I dearly love as well (but that game is old)!!! Man I want a solid helicopter game !!! Ohh and I know about DCS Black Shark.... looking forward to buying it as soon as I see it.... (but I still think its not the same)... So, yeah.... guys post so I know you're there and hopefully someone knows how to force both of the Apache games to 1920x1200 resolutions or better yet has some news on the next installment of this game !? PS- One more thing.... I think I've said this before.... I found a solution before... I think it had to do with the registry (modding a key)... But the site I found the info on does NOT list the game anymore....!!! It just VANISHED!!!
  4. Thank You for the reply... :) However... (I have the Nvidia GTX 295) In the Nvidia control panel this option is grayed out (disabled)... Since you told me about the DVI connection... It hinted me to notice that my monitor IS connected using the DVI connector, however it is a DVI to HDMI cable connection! Now, because the monitor I have has a VGA and HDMI input only, that might be a reason the option is disabled...!? Is there another way???
  5. --------------------------http://marcfighters.combatace.com/arq/Marcfighter_Su-27_v1.0.zip---------------------------- >>>>>>>>>>>> I knew you would pick on this !!!! Please examine the link above.... <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  6. ---------A1--------- I think that we should replace the (#4. The EA-18G Growler (New Model) v1.5) with the one in the link below... F/A-18A Hornet http://www.column5.us/cgi-bin/counters/unicounter.pl?name=FA-18A&trackip=8&deliver=http://www.column5.us/aircraft/SFP1_FA-18A_Hornet_V1.0.exe
  7. Hello everyone... Here are some additions... must have! :yes: (Tested and Working in Multiplayer!) MIG-29A/C Fulcrum (Soviet) http://www.column5.us/cgi-bin/counters/unicounter.pl?name=MiG-29SOV&trackip=8&deliver=http://www.column5.us/aircraft/SFP_WOx_Mig-29A_Pack_Soviet_V1.0.exe MIG-29A/C Fulcrum (Warsaw Pact) http://www.column5.us/cgi-bin/counters/unicounter.pl?name=MiG-29WP&trackip=8&deliver=http://www.column5.us/aircraft/SFP_WOx_Mig-29A_Pack_Europe_V1.0.exe SU-27 Flanker http://marcfighters.combatace.com/arq/Marcfighter_Su-27_v1.0.zip
  8. Hello everyone !!! ATTENTION !!! Because of the recent CombatAce update all AIRCRAFT links (on CombatAce.com) are NOT working... !!! I will be compiling a new updated list of aircraft.... and as soon as we agree on how to link everyone to the necessary files we will be posting a new set of links !!! I will be checking back to see how things are going with CombatAce.com and updating the post as necessary... :) Signing off ... berkut83
  9. True... We should keep this as simple and easy to understand for everyone... Just a note to everybody... When posting links try to post a direct to download link to keep things straightforward... Look forward to seeing you guys in the air soon...
  10. My first aircraft: http://www.column5.us/cgi-bin/counters/uni...v_F-5A_V1.5.exe
  11. Hi guys.... not sure if this is a repeated question.... but I am confused.... I tried Hyperlobby.... but is that no longer in existance....? I have all the "Wings" games... Are there any servers or virtual lobbies where we can still use to fly online games ??? I am desperate and really upset by the fact that I cannot find a single option... Please Help ! Thank You in advance !!!
  12. Thank You for the link...! I couldn't find anyone though.... Downloaded and installed Hamachi... everyone i've found is offline... I'm thinking of making a squadron too... provided I figure out how to make online games... Still need help... anyone know anything please post...! Thank You
  13. wings over europe squadrons?

    Online game anyone???
  14. looking for WoE Player

    Hey guys ... I am looking for some online play... anyone?
  15. WOE multiplayer

    Hey everyone... ! I am new to Hamashi... Tried to look you up but everyone seems to be offline... So how do we actually use this tool to join games? I kinda understand but if someone can help explain... I'd greatly appreciate it... I'm a great flight sim buff... and I am really interested in playing online... and a game like this is awesome!!! Ohh and any news on that dedicated server?

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