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  1. Throttle Problems

    What he said ^^
  2. Depends on what information you're looking for and under what circumstances. You should not rely on one system alone, instead use all the systems available to provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information. There is a swtich on the right side of the cockpit to display the DED info on the HUD if it makes it easier for you. Preach
  3. Thats called the DED. It contains alot of handy and useful info when you learn how to navigate it. Things you'll find there are fuel left/range/fuel consumption/altittude/LGB lazer frequency(although not modelled in AF)/steerpoint information/mission timings/wind information and much much more. The mode you've entered now shows you the basic Stpt details for a quick reference. Eg; TOS is the game world/clock time that you should be at the steerpoint by ETA is obvious Speed is obvious Altittude is obvious 'Assemble' is your action at the steerpoint Have a look at the manual to see how to navigate the DED, you'll be surprised how useful it is. Preach
  4. A few questions from a Falcon 4.0 noob :)

    What Jedi said is pretty much right. LRS is long range scan, best used for looking at large targets such as a tanker or something. You probably won't ever use anything other than RWS and TWS. The RWR as he said will only show the 'radar signature' so not all planes are listed. I suggest your read the manual, this is pretty basic stuff. Preach
  5. making more planes flyable

    As far as I know the plane you're flying as the characteristics of the actual plane, speed, turning circle etc.
  6. How to stop the plane?

    Press and holding is a surefire way to burn out your brakes before the plane is anywhere near a stop. Make sure you flare as much as possible before even considering the wheel breaks otherwise they're useless after burning out. Preach
  7. Weird Mouse Problem

    Go into your falcon 4 options and look at the rendering method, change it from a list of 3 I think then load up a mission and try your cursor out. Preach
  8. Weird Mouse Problem

    I've never heard of this one before but have you tried changing the rendering method in the falcon options, im pretty sure this is where you'll find the problem lies and/or playing with resoution settings as a last resort? Preach EDIT: what graphics card are you using, whats your rendoring method? are you using official drivers or Omega drivers?
  9. FALCON 4 and Vista?

    I'm pretty sure the only way around it is to add those falcon intro vids to the codec exception list. Preach
  10. FALCON 4 and Vista?

    Look for the red and blue boxes appear next to your system clock and double click the video one, its the red one i think. I've just read again that you have Vista, so it might be different for you.
  11. FALCON 4 and Vista?

    Open up the intro movies in media player, when the FFDSHOW codecs load up double click on the vid codecs, into the options and added add the video files to the ffdshow exception list, apply and close, close media player then launch the game. Preach
  12. Why can't I get a lock?

    What Dagger said is correct however you will find it much easier to see the representation of the seeker head, this will let you learn when and when not to fire. When you call up your heaters (AIM 9's) press D on the keyboard to Enter the 'dogfight' preset. This will auto switch your MFD's and change your HUD to decluttered mode, ready for a knife fight. You can also load the virtual seeker head onto the pilots 'helmet' (uncage the missle) so if you're using padlock or trackIR you'll see the same virtual seekerhead wherever you look. I think thats CTRL+U, but double check your options. On a seperate note, if your joystick has enough buttons you should lock and breaklock so you can perform these actions while using your airbreaks/flaps incrementally and can focus 100% on the kill. Hope this helps, Preach PS Press 'C' to cancel dogfight mode and return to the last setup you had. Its also 'M' for the slammer preset setup, and to return to NAV mode I believe (double check your controls) its RightCTRL+ 'Del' on the keypad. Preach
  13. multiplayer connection help

    For Falcon = between the two Korea's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demilitarized_zone For the router = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demilitarized_zone_(computing) In a nutshell, you effectively put your PC infront of the router (PC gets the external IP address), so everything hits your PC from the interweb. Preach
  14. multiplayer connection help

    On my router I could never to get this game to work with Port Forwarding, I had to put my PC in a DMZ to get it to work.
  15. F4:AF Ranks and medals

    In a nutshell, successfully complete missions and/or kill as many bandits as possible. To find out about your next rank, click here > http://www.vlie.com/falconlog/default.aspx?id=35 Preach

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