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  1. A small bug for next updatepack :-) The F104A has it's rudder control reversed, so to fix it i changed in [Rudder] section of F104A_DATA.INI ReverseInput=False to ReverseInput=TRUE There's also a f104a folder without the "-" in the name, i guess one update was never applied but it seems there is a newer F104A_LOADOUT.INI file in the folder. I'll update this post if i find any other things :-)
  2. Thanks Erik, just saw mention of the problem with dates in another thread also, i can use that info for the other installs!!! Hooray!! With regard to the Hermes i just flew another mission and landed more straight along the centerline and had no problems. Where i experienced the problem was off to the left near one of the lifts or that side of the deck rather. I guessed with regard to the exocets it wouldn't be a problem because of the ship speed set to 0, but i was wondering if any missions could be generated where the ships moved.
  3. One bug i'm experiencing is on HMS Hermes, after landing i fall into some holes and the harrier spins around a point in this hole. I was wondering if there was a problem with the deck surface or colissionmesh or something else? Another thing which I haven't tested yet is using exocet/sea eagle missiles. In SF2E i can't get them to hit moving ships, only static objects. Just wondered if anyone had tested if these worked in this campaign. Oh and I read the readme saying that you should set the date to 1983 in single missions, but i can't choose anything but 1982! Is it a feature of the latest patch (The C-patch)? I have the same problem with the other modules where certain a/c can only be chosen with their in service date. (ie in service 1982 end 2020, only 1982 is available as a choice)

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