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  1. Speed and Angels

    What is this "releasing in 2008" crap? I got my copy on DVD months ago...like 6 months at least. and it is excellent!
  2. some grey schemes would be cool too.... :yes: I wish I was artisticly inclined....sigh Or maybe one from the Indian Airforce???
  3. I'm a big fan of the Su-30, and I really like your Su-30 skin! I saw that exact paint scheme on a video I have and when I saw your skin I almost cried from happiness! With britgliderpilot's permission I am using parts of his Su-30 mod to make one compatible with FC. This mod will replace the su-33 model and skins with the su-30. I know the Su-30 doesn't operate from the Kutz, but I want to be able to A-A refuel. Unfortunately, It will NOT use the back seater network code of the original mod as this isn't possible in FC. Long story short, I'd like to include your skin in the mod if you are agreeable. I plan on posting the mod here and at lockonfiles, and you will be given full credit for your skin if you let me include it. And if you really want to make my day you could make another Su-30 skin that looks something like this:
  4. I notice you haven't posted much, so if anyone knows how to get ahold of you.... I really like your skin: BUT, is it supposed to say ANAL Falcon Cruise?!?!?!?

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