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  1. Your Setups!

    Hey all, A popular pit the around the globe is the AB Mk I (Akers/Barnes Mark 1) designed by a mate of mine up in Queensland, Australia. My LAN squad currently uses 4 of these and another 3 are in planning stages. Tons of other guys round the world use these as well. You can slap one of these together in a weekend and they'll fit any type of HOTAS setup (we currently have guys using Cougars, CH, Saitek and older Thrusty stuff). They pull apart/push together in about 10 mins so are perfecto for travelling along to LAN meets as well as looking pretty neat at home (regardless of what my wife says!). In fact, I'm parked in mine now. :P To get an idea on what it takes to put one of these babies together click on over to: VFS-77 AB Mk I cockpit building To get an idea what they look like in a display click on: VFS-77 Pit images Finally, to get your hands on further info and the plans go to: 62nd FF's construction page Cheers all. B)

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