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  1. Hey gang.. After one of them personal life vacations I got a wild hair and decided to give Lock-On another shot. Great to see the site here going strong! I installed the patch.. does it tell you anywhere in the splash screen that it updated it to 1.02? The readme file in the root folder seems to be the one off the CD. Hopefully it has improved since last year.. Still no F/A-18 models eh?
  2. Silence Broken on New Sub Sim [1/15/2004 2:43:54 PM ET] Ubisoft will release Silent Storm III, a submarine simulation for the PC, in late 2004. Set during World War II, the title will be powered by an all-new 3D engine and will put players in the role of a U-boat commander attempting to seek and destroy enemies while managing their crew. Multiplayer support will be featured as well, including a co-operative mode.
  3. F15

    Hmm curious.. are you just having this in the F-15 and the others are ok (or at least acceptable)?
  4. I browse over there occasionally but Jeff does a fine job of letting me know whats important right here without having to sift through 8 pages of crap. Between the wheezers and the fanboys.. eek. While I hated the old software. I don't care for UBBThreads much either
  5. Heh, I flew that new mission last night that was posted online for download (Early Call). (very nice by the way!) after I got back and landed, rolled up to the ramp and shut down. Then I spent the next 10 minutes panning around and drooling for that Hornet. This subject has been beat to death but I'm bummed they didn't add that to the release version. I appreciate the fact that ED is primarily a russian studio? but a NATO carrier capable plane would have been great. Oh well.. thanks for the screens ;)
  6. After you complete the mission, at the debrief screen.. bottom left corner click "close" (yellow/black button) and then save it at the top. I had the same problem :)
  7. Zag, I loosed up the throttle a bit via the adj. screw on the bottom of the base. Helped a bit.
  8. grmcle, Everything you need is right here.. user: PRECOG, did some excellent work on this subject. For more details. See Precogs EXCELLENT Thread on this here: http://forums.ubi.com/messages/message_vie...mac_gd&id=zsehb ( i like precog, can you tell? :D )
  9. Saddam Has Been Captured!

    Something tells me if that was the case.. he wouldn't be the first! eh? LOL
  10. Saddam Has Been Captured!

    Kerry & Clark SAY they served.. but is there proof? They weren't in any online leagues were they? :P I won't believe anybody anymore until I see their 214's
  11. Saddam Has Been Captured!

    Personally, I don't care if we find WMD's. If Saddam had an ounce of brains in his head, he destroyed it just prior to our arrival. To get the sympathy of the world community. After all, he had plenty of time to do it.. Its not like the coalition "snuck" into Bagdad. Just the threat that he "might" have them was enough for me. With everything going on in the world, I'd much rather know that he's been taken out of power and that potential for WMD is no longer a mystery for the future. Its one less mess for our kids to have to deal with. What happens to Saddam should be up to the people of Iraq. PS - Pres. Bush may have some issues but Howard Dean makes me ill. <_< Demos are gonna have to come up with somebody better then that.
  12. Running through my updates this morning. I had to bump the stock date on this title. I'm not familiar with it though. Is it just a repackage or more? Whats the scuttle? Worth picking up? Thanks
  13. Mr. Fork, I run P4 2.4ghz Radeon 9700 Pro 128 1Gig RAM@333 X45 Hotas I've got the Audigy 2. I'm not as hard-core on the tweaks like some guys are but I've got it to hold at around 30fps for the most part. I can't say for sure what bearing the sound has had. I did however turn downt he acceleration in dxdiag.exe after reading some posts. I can't really say if its helped or not. Ocassionally, after flying for a bit and having fun.. suddenly the game bogs down to exactly 3fps until I shut down and restart the game. Not sure what thats all about yet though.
  14. Saddam Has Been Captured!

    Hopefully this will give families some level of comfort that worry about their loved ones serving abroad. Not to mention the folks that have had to live under this guy for so long. Happy to see this day happen but I'll be alot happier to watch more news about our men/women coming home. While I'm on the soapbox.. God bless the men/women that put on the uniform both past/present and have kept my lazy ass safe to sit in my house and play armchair warrior. Long road ahead but certainly a good day for the world.

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