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  1. Roger there are some really nice maps on the disk I'll send! pied
  2. Disk with all kinds of CFS3, and OFF stuff will go out Monday. Roger, much of this stuff is not that straight forward to install (unlike OFF and the other Stand Alone add ons) so don't be afraid to ask lot of questions! pied
  3. Make certain that you check out the web sites of the 'dude ranches' in Arizona (Tucson mainly) and Northern New Mexico! PIED
  4. Six Five's anyone?

    Hola Widowmaker! In response to 'clamping' max fps: got to wherever your off bhah files reside, look for the folder labeled 'default', inside find 'cfs3.xml', open with notepad or any xml editor, find the line that contains 'maxFPS=0' change to whatever you'd like. save and off you go! I'm using vsync on, so mine is set at 60.... PIED
  5. pied reporting! Glad to see that OFF BHAH found a new home so quickly! pied
  6. pied reporting! Glad to see that OFF BHAH got a new home so quickly. pied

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